View Full Version : Best Win32 FTP client?

2nd April 2002, 13:02
I need a good FREE Win32 FTP client that supports socks5. Any recommendations? I have a copy of CuteFTP 4.2.5, but it keeps crashing. What do you guys use?

2nd April 2002, 13:30
I use Ws_ftpLE, free for home/school use. Works great for me....Not sure if it has the socks support you need.


2nd April 2002, 13:34
Nope, it doesn't. That's the one I used to use at home... pity.

2nd April 2002, 14:17
Best two hands down are Bulletproof FTP and CuteFTP Pro.

2nd April 2002, 14:23
I still like leechFTP

2nd April 2002, 15:24
LeechFTP is still the best free FTP program around. If ther was a light version of BitBeamer, it would be the best, but BitBeamer costs the cash.


Dr Mordrid
2nd April 2002, 17:56
I use both WS_FTP and the FTP mode of Windows Commander. They work fine for me, even through my firewall.

Dr. Mordrid

3rd April 2002, 06:19
LeechFTP is my favourite too, but alas, no socks support. I'll give bulletproof a try...

3rd April 2002, 10:15
The problem with LeechFTP is that it has some SERIOUS memory leakage bugs. Otherwise I'd still be using it.

I actually ponied up for BitBeamer. I admit that $30 is a bit steep for shareware, but it's the only FTP software you'll ever need. It's THAT good.

Nobody else allows for the kind of multithreading and CONTROL that BitBeamer does. (Except LeechFTP, hehe, of course...)

The only feature it's missing is multi-threaded downloads of the same file, but then again GetRight does that just fine.

- Gurm

3rd April 2002, 12:46
Another FTP client I like a _lot_ (though not freeware) is FLashFXP, though the only things wrong with it are that local ftp upload speeds are limited to about 1-2MBps because of poor bufferering (the program is mainly for FXP use, not client to ftp), and no multi-threaded downloads (for the same reason). Since I never use multithreaded downloads, it's not really an issue for me.

3rd April 2002, 12:57
But y'know, sometimes... you happen to be leeching from like 4 different servers at once... and 2 of them are private servers, so you can't log in more than once, and you really need multithreaded queue control...

:rolleyes: *ahem* :rolleyes:

;) Nevermind. ;)

- Gurm