View Full Version : Gigabyte Maya AP64D-H Radeon 8500 Deluxe, opinions?

31st March 2002, 15:18
I have been searching for this card....review here: http://www.hardwarepub.com/reviews/video/gigabyte8500/index.shtml

Seems to outperform ATI's 8500, and the heatsink/fan looks sharp. I'm in the market for a new card, along with a winTV#401...because my G400 just can't keep up with the few games I play anymore. I decided to go with an 8500...but after seeing this 3rd party release, I think I would like to try this. Only prob is I can't find any e-tailers that carry it. Any help?


31st March 2002, 16:21
It seems to an excellent card, BUT...

I don't know how much that Gigabyte board costs, but I guess you know that you can get a Retail 8500 64MB for as low as $130-140.