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30th March 2002, 02:30
Found this Gem on /. (slashdot)

/. (http://slashdot.org/yro/02/03/30/032251.shtml?tid=118)

SFGate (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/03/29/BU173196.DTL)

Stephens, founder of the Yoga Inside Foundation in Venice (Los Angeles County), has been duking it out with Santa Clara's Intel Corp. for more than a year over whether his do-gooding nonprofit violates the chipmaker's "Intel Inside" trademark.

He started with Yoga sessions for those on the "inside" (prison, etc) hence the name.....

What irritates me is that Intel thinks that if they trademarks "Intel inside" then they have automagicaly trademarked everyting thats ends with "........Inside"

30th March 2002, 11:22
I don't really know if it's all intel's fault. America has this stupid "Trademark Dilution Act" where companies "have" to go after people that even look like they might be weakening the trademark.

Example 1: Intel goes after AMD after they start an "AMD Inside" campaign. Intel wins.

Example 2: Intel leaves "Yoga Inside" alone. AMD starts "AMD Inside," but because Intel didn't go after the "Yoga" people, the trademark is diluted, so AMD might get to keep "AMD Inside."

It's all absurd.

31st March 2002, 06:14

31st March 2002, 09:49
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31st March 2002, 10:54
I agree with Wombat. The American legal system is like a buggy bunch of bloated software. :rolleyes: