View Full Version : DRI+dualhead+Xinerama in Linux not yet? why?

Lawrence Rohrer
28th March 2002, 16:22

linux 2.4.10
XF86 4.2
matrox pdesk latest
matrox drivers 2.0

At the bottom of the install README it is clear

"After starting X, there should be a "direct rendering enabled"
message in the X server startup log. Please note that DRI isn't
enabled if you're using the Xinerama extension. You may want to
keep two "XF86Config" files on hand -- one for DRI and the other
for DualHead."

ok Why not? Why can't it use DRI and dualhead?

or should it ever be enabled?

Is this a DRI problem, xinerama, or matrox? Perhaps I am missing the point "dual head is for business" and moving my windows around does not need hardware acceleration or can not take atvantage of hw acceleration?


2nd April 2002, 15:59
1) With the G400/G400MAX, the hardware is not capable of doing dualhead and DRI.
2) AFAIK, XFree86 is not yet capable of doing Xinerama and DRI at the same time. However, with the most recent beta drivers from Matrox, a function similar to Xinerama can be provided by the drivers themselves, enabling a extended desktop with acceleration. Check the current drivers' README for more information.