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27th March 2002, 15:59
You can now browse the active user class pages by name, date registered, number of results received, and total cpu time.


27th March 2002, 16:48
interestingly enough, april4, 1999 was the first date registered.

Dec 99 here......

hey, i didnt know, i was in school, guess im the last to hear about these things.

27th March 2002, 16:54
cool stats stuff....

im 4th in my date registered total wu's
furthermore, i now have my own rank....
moreover, my overall ranking is under 10,000th place....
yee haw!

Your rank out of 3623431 total users is: 9995th place:o :( :p :eek: :cool:

28th March 2002, 09:18
I'm number 222 from the class of May 18th 1999 :D

Your rank out of 3624661 total users is: 11033rd place.
The number of users who have this rank: 3
You have completed more work units than 99.696% of our users.