View Full Version : MS shows Displacement Mapping @ GDC - With MATROX ! (translated) Part 2

22nd March 2002, 09:09
- Real correspondence to the 3d graphics in multiple display environment In addition, it seems that can do functional strengthening in the small point. We will have decided to keep seeing one each. DirectX 9 API object model. You observe most to the DMA & the Tess of block on in the figure. As for Tess abbreviation of tessellation. Namely as for the GPU of DirectX 9 correspondence you can ask that it designates that it has the mechanism which the ????????????? it is possible polygon division as prerequisite. This is utilized even in actualization of displacement mapping It starts in the DualHead and the HydraVision and the like, multiple display environment has generalized recently in the TwinView, but even unexpectedly the 3d ????????? as for the GPU which functioning is done is little at the time of secondary displaying. Under present conditions it probably is about the GeForce4ti and the RADEON8500? This mechanism is supported with DirectX 9 formally. It means that concretely one Direct3d device (the GPU), offers the mechanism which drives plural display outputs. Indication when it is limited to full screen mode, the ??? being done, video memory and the like share just, reaches the point where it is used. And anew the 40bit color is supported in picture mode. This is color expression system of the RGB each 10bit. So far, it is the case that 1,677 ten thousand color colors of the RGB each color 8bit are most significant color number, but with the 40bit color it becomes 10 hundred million colors. Until high-level shading with the ??????????? becomes possible, final lust information is calculated, when frequency of operation becomes many, with the 8bit based color channel error accumulating, it has known that finally the ideal result is not produced. This seems like those which are devised because it corresponds to the problem such as that. Simply, when you say whether the video card which finally supports the indicatory color 40bit color steadily appears it seems that is not such reason. Is because with the notion that where you say it does not have the ability the present most display devices to indicate the 40bit color. After all, it does lighting operation with 10bit color channel system, makes round final indicatory color in the 8bit color channel...... probably becomes the realistic solution. Furthermore, with DirectX 9 other than the RGB each 10bit, are supported to the 16bit, the 16bit floating point and the 32bit floating point as a surface format. Furthermore, the Boyd person expresses the pixel where each color of the RGB is expressed with the floating point the " Float Pixels ", as for the especially 16bit FloatPixels width of the dynamic range and convenient of the data quantity it is estimate the empty, 3d graphic system use frequency becomes high from with this.

- DirectX 9 corresponding video card first as for feature from MATROX? The G800 coming finally? Also function of DirectX 9 becomes matter of concern, but becoming about similarly to that matter of concern, " the first corresponding GPU to of DirectX 9 becoming something?" it probably means saying. Concerning this, because the NVIDIA and the ATI " if specification of DirectX 9 fixes, the kind of expression where it corresponds you do not obtain ", and you do not give, officially only undecided it has become the circumstance which cannot be said. But, with the latest session meaning deeply there was one curtain. Passing, those where it did lecture were the Boyd person of the Microsoft, but with demonstration of displacement mapping the middle the speaker alternated to the technician of the MATROX.

If you mention the GPU of the MATROX, after the Millennium G400, becoming in the G550 regarding the 3d graphic functional aspect, you cannot see dramatic evolution, now only as a " high picture quality frame buffer ", it is the feeling which exists. The MATROX supports leading 3d graphic technology with the next term GPU, if it believes a little and the ??? sees, as for this development, with " such future is suggested ", only the good way it is not. After the session ending, the Boyd person you tried acquiring several questions which are related to this sluggishly. Nishikawa " something demonstration of that displacement mapping as for being something which is actualized with the special up-to-date hardware?" The Boyd person " well, that emulation has done displacement mapping at software level ", Nishikawa " the MATROX had done demonstration, but that the well ? which enters being and there being ? meaning?" The Boyd person " that is to be advancing research them concerning the actualization style of displacement mapping, " Whether or not the research result is utilized with the next term MATROX make GPU G800, it is unclear, but appearance of the Millennium where the 3d engine is strengthened after a long time dramatically is made to expect. Furthermore, beta release of DirectX 9 has planned the summer of 2002, formal release must be when it plans during 2003 years. Summer this year with melt down of opening schedule, it is the expectation where more concrete information appears.