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Amiga Blitter
21st March 2002, 01:41
http://www.aceshardware.com/#55000472:D :D :D

21st March 2002, 03:17
You better fix that smiley.;)

Amiga Blitter
21st March 2002, 05:25
Sorry for the incorrect link


21st March 2002, 05:40
hmm... rumours at Cebit... Which murcers were responsible for that ? :D

For starters, industry sources close to Matrox have not only confirmed the existence of a G800 project, but also the nature of that project to be a new 3D accelerator targeting the gaming community. This new chip may be what has also been referred to as "Parhelia," and it is supposedly very different from the G550.

I find it funny they still make mention of the G800, but apparently the Parhelia ought to be something completely different...


21st March 2002, 05:55
What is Matrox riding? I hope it's something cool like a BMW motorcycle.


21st March 2002, 09:45
no thx, the BMW motorcycles arent fast dont look ugly, better do a kawasaki Ninja, Fast and good looking.

21st March 2002, 09:51
Of course, if you don't want a crotch rocket........

21st March 2002, 11:03
Where's my flyswatter when I need it?!

Here ya go Greebe... a can of RAID...



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BANG Got ya! :p


21st March 2002, 11:03
Wombat, do you have to bring sex into every thread! ;)

Peter Aragon
21st March 2002, 11:29
Dunno wich CeBIT they went, but Matrox only sent their London video-crew and their stand was disappointingly small compared to last years. They had resellers showing off the RT2500, and they knew nothing about a so called Parhelia, or else they are excelent in pretending to know nothing :D

So what I conclude is that their marketing and sales staff are heavily present at GDC, and didn't have time for a good show at CeBIT. :confused:

Well, only 2 days left until we know how their presentations went, and if it contained a demo running on a yet to be announced affordable graphics card...

21st March 2002, 11:44
Whatsa matta Mike? Going batty chasing bugs? I figured you BBs were real busy lately with the 'P' seeing how quiet you all have been. Back to work with you ...

Amiga Blitter
21st March 2002, 11:56

;) :cool: :D

Amiga Blitter
21st March 2002, 11:59
"from GDC page
Juan Guardado
Juan Guardado currently works at Matrox Graphics as the 3D Architecture Analysis Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from McGill University. His work at Matrox started in 1996 as the first developer support engineer, beginning with the Mystique product and the original MS Game SDK. In 1998, his focus shifted to better understanding the requirements of next generation games and APIs, using this analysis to direct research projects like matrix palette skinning and displacement mapping. "

Amiga Blitter
21st March 2002, 12:02
From Reactor Critical:

"Some allude that the long-awaited Matrox next-gen product is going to be demonstrated at GDC..."

I believe that this "some" are referred to the murcers