View Full Version : New card looks like it's gonna be using new drivers too!

Jon P. Inghram
19th March 2002, 07:46
If it's not gonna use the regular driver packages, I'd think the chances are good it's not based on Gx00 chipset. Looks like we may finally be getting new hardware! :)


19th March 2002, 08:03
sort of logical since the Gx00 series weren't GPU's and the Parhelia is supposed to be a GPU.

19th March 2002, 08:35
Nice one, John ! :)

It seems to me that this is a definite confirmation that a card is coming ! :cool:

Could you trick him into telling when ? :D


19th March 2002, 08:44
VJ, you already know the answer - Soon™:D

19th March 2002, 09:19
Initially, it won't be the same driver package. Perhaps later on, we may do a unified driver but it's still undecided on that.
Matrox Graphics
Technical Support Manager

There's the quote for those who don't like forum scanning. Nice find Jon :D


19th March 2002, 10:04
Good, I wouldn't have wanted to hear the comments if Haig had said that "since the drivers are 98% binary compatible with the G550 family, support will be included in our unified driver package from day one" :D

This probably means that scanning through drivers with a hex editor won't provide too many clues ... damn :)