View Full Version : Is this really a problem or an annoyance?

17th March 2002, 07:23
Remember the idiot (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?threadid=31553) (myself) who flashed the bios of another mobo on to his? :o :o

Anyways, now that my mobo has been fixed I have found a somewhat bizarre problem. You can call it more of an annoyance than a problem really.

Here it is. My HDD is connected to my Promise controller and my DVD and CD-RW and connected to my regular ATA 66 controller both on the motherboard, on IDE 1 also on the same cable, jumpers are set correctly as far as I remember.

All the drives work fine in windows, but what is strange is that my CD-RW is disabled (and isn't even recognized) in the bios. If I set it to auto detect it will only find my DVD.

My dad's computer is the same except if you set his CD-Rom to auto detect it will find it.

Anybody got a clue how to fix this?

17th March 2002, 17:06
try puting the cd-rw on the other channel as master.....