View Full Version : Distorted screens in EAW with latest G400 drivers

17th March 2002, 03:31
Anyone shed any light on this: when I load the latest drivers for my Matrox Millenium G400 32MB I get distortions in the briefing map screens of European Air War. This distortion is like the loss of horizontal hold on an old TV, and is rather similar to what GeForce owners were getting in EAW untill max188 developed the fix.

The drivers were loaded using the recomended process, uninstalling the previous drivers first.

I got this problem with w9x_651 and w9x_682, and have fled back to w9x_623 which works okay.

I haven't updated the bios. Didn't want to do anything irrevocable as having EAW running properly is important to me.

System is W98 PIII-650 196 MB RAM

Grateful for any ideas.