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15th March 2002, 11:12
I'm currently running a dualboot with my work machine, running windows 98 and windows 2000. I'll eventually wipe out the 98 directory on the hard drive once I'm sure I have everything I need. I haven't installed Office 2000 in W2K, but its already installed for Win98. So my question is, when I goto install Office 2000 in W2K am I gonna lose my inbox in outlook or run into any other problems? I'm assuming I will since I'll be installing in the same directory as the orginal install.



15th March 2002, 13:04
are your 2 OSs on seperate partitions??

15th March 2002, 13:15
Go into Outlook and save your email (export the PST file I think). Plus I don't know if your email will be stored in Office2000 directory, but probably your Windows profile (but this could just be a Win2k feature).

If it is in Win98/Profiles etc, then install Off2K from Win2K and see what's wrong (use Off2000a directory if you're worried).


16th March 2002, 07:39
I'm pretty sure when you run Outlook for the first time, it automatically checks your drive for email files (.pst as well as Netscape mails) and asks your if you would like to import (or convert them).

16th March 2002, 19:05
Pace was pretty much there except for a few additions.

You can export your personal folders which does in fact creat a .pst file. You are given that option as part of the export process. Be sure to select the "root" folder and check the option for all subfolders. This will save you contacts and email, alarms, etc.

Next go to Tools> Accounts and you can export all you important email account info to include saved password and specific protocol info.

Third. If you are running any rules you can go to Tools > Rule Wizard> options> export to save any rules.

There is no need to export to floppy unless there is a chance the Win98 partition will be corrupted or hidden from the Win2k. Just to a temp folder is sufficient. Win2K should see the other files .

Restoration of all the above is the same process except select import.

Since you are installing to another partition this doesnt directly affect your installation, but W2K cannot directly upgrade an Office 2k installation. You must reinstall Office again. .dlls copied from the Office 2K disk are OS specific.

Another note is that you may want to export favorites and cookies from you browser.

Hope this helps


17th March 2002, 07:29
Well for some futher info..both Windows 98 and Windows 2000 are on the same partion. :)