View Full Version : Matrix 2 .AVI clip is out

Kosh Naranek
15th March 2002, 05:28
OMG I think I wet my pants !!!!


It's not much .. but it's (re)loaded !

The Rock
17th March 2002, 09:45
What codec is this thing using? I get no video.


17th March 2002, 10:10
Probably DivX

17th March 2002, 10:36
it uses latest divx... and is pretty lame tho... there's like 10 secs of matrix footage (without fx) looped over and over and over...

17th March 2002, 13:39
Yeah, it's DIVX 5.0, which is a festering pile of camel feces.

- Gurm

The Rock
17th March 2002, 14:27
Ahhh. That explains a lot. I thought I had almost every codec on earth installed. I ain't touching Divx 5 yet unless I absolutely have to.


18th March 2002, 07:41
Good plan - DIVX5 attempts to override DIVX4, despite the fact that it is buggy as hell. It isn't available as a stand-alone codec (you MUST install their crappy utilities and players), and they have shut down their own forums, due to user complaints. I don't know what's up with DIVX.COM, but their heads are apparently way to far up their asses.

- Gurm