View Full Version : Parhelia to be AGP 8X ?

14th March 2002, 17:39
Just saw SiS have released/announced an AGP 8X graphics card, and are going to demonstrate a 8X motherboard soon.

Although it probably wont make any difference in todays applications, what do you think the chances are the Parhelia will be 8X?

If the G400 was designed to last 4 years, and was designed as AGP 4X, it would be odd if Matrox didnt design their next gen chip to support the up and comming specs.



SiS336 : 300Mhz Core/Mem Clock, AGP 8X, 64 or 128MB DDR SDRAM, DirectX 8.1, TV/DVI Out

SiS332 : 250/200Mhz Core/Mem Clock, AGP 8X, 64 or 128MB DDR SDRAM, DirectX 8.1, TV/DVI Out

14th March 2002, 21:40
It will most likely be AGP 8x. I am wondering if it will be AGP Pro or will they have an extra molex connector for extra power? It was stated by ant or someone else that it will require lots of power. This is a problem since most people don't have mobos that support AGP Pro. I am one of the lucky few that do. :P

14th March 2002, 22:26
And for SiS to be taking the high road is a major leap as a business decision fors the Standard hasn't been finalized yet.

15th March 2002, 00:16
If it's AGP 8x, I hope they will implement it on the very first cards. The G400 was AGP4x complient but the 1st models only worked at 2x (Like my G400max :( ), G400 really worked at AGP 4x later.
If I can afford the next monster, I intend to keep it until the next generation from Matrox (as I've done since the Mystique), so I might like that AGP 8x in a couple of years. :D

15th March 2002, 01:33
Was the difference between the AGP2x and the AGP4x cards any different?


Why fret about it then?

Besides being a Matrox BB I also have a G400Max (This one I purchased back in Sept '99) that's limited to AGP2x. Have yet to see anything other than a couple of benchmarks show a difference... even then it's minuscule at best.

15th March 2002, 01:38
Not even the Kyro2 boards offer AGP4x and I don't see anyone getting upset over that.:)

15th March 2002, 08:56
Well, I haven't read the 8x spec in a while, but I thought it was at least optional that multiple AGP cards could be supported :D

15th March 2002, 13:12
Originally posted by Novdid
Not even the Kyro2 boards offer AGP4x and I don't see anyone getting upset over that.:)

The "new" KYROII SE chipset (3D Prophet 4800) is AGP 4x!

16th March 2002, 12:56
The G400 was originally released as AGP 2x, but the wording on the box said it was "AGP 4x compatible". It wasn't until a later revision of the G400 that it became AGP 4x.

I know, because I still own an "AGP 4x compatible" card that is only capable of 2x. Wasn't happy then, still not happy now.

This post was edited becuase I can't spell because... ;)

16th March 2002, 14:10
Not to kick a dead dog, but it doesn't matter if it's 4x... 2x does just as well with what these cards were designed for... even then running a card at 4x is more succepable to bus noise and many are forced to weak down the setting without regret

18th March 2002, 09:32
AGP 8x wonīt help you so very much when the overall system is not keeping up with it. Thatīs one of the main reasons why AGP 4x is not showing so much improvement over 2x.

Or at last thatīs how I know it :rolleyes:

So,... whereīs PC666?!? :D :D :D