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8th May 2000, 07:58
I recently tried to make a VCD that would work in my sister-in-law's new DVD player. I made the MPEG in CIF resolution (352-240 NTSC). I used the EZ-Creator utility to make the CD and it seemed to set up the directors correctly. When the CD is inserted in the player it responds by asking to insert a DVD disk. I haven't really looked at the DVD player, I just know it's new. I thought one problem might be the cheap CDR I burned. This was a freebie from CompUSA. I was wondering if anyone has successfully created a VCD that works with a DVD player and what brand CDR they used in case this makes a difference.



8th May 2000, 08:12
This is a twofold problem: laser wavelentgh and disk reflectivity.

Laser wavelength can be an issue if the DVD player only has one laser. CD and DVD are best read using two lasers of different wavelengths. Those DVD players with one laser can run into problems with CD media.

Even players with two lasers can have problems with CD-R media because the color of these disks dye layer. This colored layer (blue, green, gold etc.) often reduces the reflectivity of the disk enough for the reader not to "see" the reflected laser beam.

Most DVD players that have problems with CD-R will do better with CD-RW because of its silvery color having a higher reflectivity. I use Memorex CD-RW's when this is an issue, but it's very player specific so other brands may work better on a given deck.

That said the very new players like the Apex 600 have much less of a problem with this and can read SuperVCD as well. Some of the new ones can even read a disk full of MP3 files.

Dr. Mordrid

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