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7th March 2002, 11:02
New Monitor after two weeks suddenly without any disturbance of any kind suffers from Grille element overlap which causes thin vertical lines across the monitor.
The book says turn up the contrast and brightness to max and open a white background at the effected area the lines will go.
So I open up notepad and place it over the effected area. No effect after ten minutes. I get a little annoyed and give the monitor a little tap and I mean a little and they go away.
Next day switch the monitor on and they're back but in a slightly different place so I do the same cure.
I ring up the tech support and they say in hushed tones give it a tap. So I confess I've done that. The phones quiet while she talks to a techie and comes up with the book solution but leave it much longer.
So this time I leave it half n hour still the same give it another tap and they're gone. Turn it on today and there back in the orginal place but more of the screen effected.
Looks like another exchange to do. I don't want to do it as the thing weighs bloody 30kg and I have to carry it up and down stairs. But I've paid over half a grand for it and I'm now wishing I bought a LCD monitor instead.

7th March 2002, 11:04
lcd's rock. i'll never buy another crt.

7th March 2002, 11:07
I still reckon I got the voodoo curse on me.

7th March 2002, 11:10
TP, sounds like they're using second quality crts to cut costs.

7th March 2002, 11:16
Yeah well I'm on the swap out warrenty run now. This one was boxed up like new but I know from past experiance they may ship you a marginal unit that someone else has returned.
The next question is my consumer rights. Once I started claiming on the swap out can I ask for a refund? In some markets you can't as it means you've accepted the merchandise whether this applies to computing or not I don't know.

Sorry I forgot to mention it's a Mitsubish Diamond Plus 220.

7th March 2002, 11:27
LOL Mitsubishi's very own monitors! Bwahahahaaa

Sorry couldn't contain it :)

Completely reject the notion of tapping to fix... that's BS! If neccessary call, email what ever means you have at you disposal and bitch, whine, moan, gripe and complain til they give in... accept nothing less than a full refund.

7th March 2002, 12:42
Don't worry I ain't going with the tap to fix as it shouldn't occur in the first place. As for a refund I don't think I'd go to mitty probably the orginal company I bought it from.

9th March 2002, 03:52
Guess what Mitsubishi are reluctant to swap it out saying it will go away in two too three weeeks as it's known problem.
This could turn ugly and I can see the small claims court coming into action.
Funnily enougth it's better today but I think they'll be back.

9th March 2002, 06:22
If it will go away in three weeks why didn't they burn it in fr the required time. Oh shit I guess they didn't want to spend the money for the electricity that would use up. I say **** 'em and go get your refund

12th March 2002, 15:46
jeez, TP, you do have crappy luck...

hope you get it sorted out