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1st March 2002, 14:24
found a link to this site on the [H]ard OCP news page, it looks quite interesting, but i feel that the editors views on matrox are a bit pessimistic, or are they???;) .

link (http://www.penstarsys.com/editor/SO3D/SO3D.htm)

1st March 2002, 14:34
This guy seems to be more informed than most MURCers. Why don't we get info like this?


1st March 2002, 14:37
Sounds like a pessimist whom based their info on the rumours posted here in TCB.

1st March 2002, 14:59
A "pessimist"(I would rather call him an optimist) who have put all the rumours in one place.:)

1st March 2002, 15:29
I hereby dub him "the king of false assumptions" :)

Okay everybody, Matrox' next part will be the G800, a "not exactly cutting edge" graphics solution co-developed with the BitBoys :D
NVIDIA does have a very capable product in the Quadra series of multi-monitor solutions that are superior in many aspects to the old G550 cards.Ever heard of the MMS series?

1st March 2002, 17:58
Har-har Tempest!!!!
Cool sig! :D :D :D

1st March 2002, 21:28
Yeah alot of Specuation going on over there....Any feel like emailing him to pull his head out of ass when it comes to MMS vs. Quattro cards? Totally misses out on the G450 MMS coming out and shows doesnt take into account how shitty Nvidia's twinview is compaired to Matrox's Dualhead.

Oh well I got a good feeling everyone will be eatting Expesive Crow pie in the Summer about Matrox :D


1st March 2002, 22:49
Keep your eyes on www.murc.ws . I will be puting some of this 'article' in its place.

You will hear it here first.

Have a great weekend!


2nd March 2002, 04:10
hey tempest!!!

thos wallpapers are superb, nice one :)

Kosh Naranek
2nd March 2002, 04:31
Well ....

If.M.does.do.this.XBA.thing.then.they.might.have.a .chance!

.ate.my .

2nd March 2002, 13:17
Go for it, VigilAnt !


2nd March 2002, 18:03
The information about the PowerVR NP2 also appears to be more than anything that's been revealed before.

5th March 2002, 22:40
This chip is an extension of the G450, with a T&L unit that was designed for Headcasting (not a success in the least bit).

Huh? Never heard of this before (I mean the T&L unit)!

The current G800 is rumored to be a DX 8.0 part, with programmable Pixel and Vertex Shaders. The product will most likely be produced on a .15 micron process, and have speeds in the 200 MHz to 250 MHz range.

Well, isn't it wonderful how rumors tend to spread and change? I've never heard of this one. (Though it'd be cool). Last time I read about G800 it was supposed to be even better than this...

Aw, come on Matrox! Release that superb 3D gaming card already! :cool: ;)

6th March 2002, 06:39
FOOLS!!! You are all FOOLS!!! Matrox will never compete with the likes of nVidia in the gaming/consumer world again. Give in to your frustration and go buy a GeForce 4!


6th March 2002, 14:26
Do you feel well Jammrock???:p

6th March 2002, 14:31
i think we have the first signs of a new disease which i have been fearing for a while.
its the "i can wait no longer phobia" and affects a persons eyesight to such a degree that nvidiot cards seem high quality.in extreme cases there are reports of your head exploding if left untreated.
fortunately it is completely cureable with a certain kind of announcement;)
some one save jammrock - it would be immoral not too so forget those nda's ad put compassionn first all you in the know

6th March 2002, 15:37

There is no cure for me!!! Matrox will never please us again. MURC will be forced to become GURC!!! General Users Resource Center. You are all FOOLS!!!!


6th March 2002, 16:09
This forum just keeps getting better :D :D :D

7th March 2002, 04:54
Read VigilAnt's article Jammrock :cool: