View Full Version : G400/G450/G550 - no conflicts w/Abit TH7II, Win2K Pro?

22nd February 2002, 12:28
Hi all,

I am planning a new PC based on the Abit TH7II i850 mainboard, for photo editing, general office productivity applications, and beginning 1394 video capture and editing. I will purchase a new G450 or G550 for the TH7II, but may swap with the G400 in my current Asus P2B system depending on how 2D quality compares. Current monitor is an iiyama Vision Master Pro 17" DiamondTron aperture grille, and will soon add a Samsung 900NF 19" aperture grille for Dual Head under Win2K Pro.

I'm assured that all 3 cards are 1.5v compatible w/the TH7II's AGP slot, and will prepare the latest BIOS and Win2K drivers for the new video card. Is there anything else I should do? Has anyone had experience with Matrox video on the TH7II? Are the G400/G450/G550 cards PCI 2.2 compliant and happy with IRQ sharing? (TH7II's AGP slot shares IRQ w/2 of the 5 PCI slots, so no IRQ sharing means losing the use of those 2 slots...:eek: )

Final question on the G550's DVI connector: the included DVI-to-HD15 adapter is somewhat long and I have very little space between the back of the computer and the wall - is there such a thing as a DVI-to-HD15 cable?

Thanks very much,