View Full Version : Asus A7V... noisy System controller heat sink

Chris B
19th February 2002, 09:19
Ok so I just pulled Chrome Orb cooler from my machine and replaced it with a no-name (yet approved) cheap heat sink. And I've got the noise level down significantly.

However on the Via system controller chip there is another heat-sink which makes quite a bit of noise, mainly I guess cause it's running at about a gazillion RPM's.

So if I install PCprobe I can slow down the CPU fan, but will I also slow down the system controller fan ??
(which is what I really want to do).

Or could I "trick" the system by connecting the system controller fan, to the CPU fan "power supply" (and vice cersa) and then reducing CPU fan RPM's in PCprobe???

Anybody have some experience with it?

19th February 2002, 11:34
I would think it better to replace the fan with a better (quieter) one, than to reduce it's speed and thus airflow which could cause a failure when the northbridge chip is very stressed.

Larger fans move more air at lower sound pressure levels typically if they're run at 7vdc instead of the standard 12vdc