View Full Version : I Want To See Those Pics !

14th February 2002, 00:58
For some reason or other I donīt get to see some of the attached images in these fori, I just get that little nagging red cross meaning the image is not available.
Then again, sometimes I do see the attachments.

This very frustrating order of business is the same whether Iīm on my home computer or at work, whether I user win98se or XP, whether I use IE6 or Opera 6 and so on.

What to do??? Is there some setting I have missed? Something special in these fori (yes I know there is, but I mean in this context)?

HELP. Please?


14th February 2002, 01:18
This probably would have been better placed in the feedback forum

I do have a problem sometimes with IE not showing pics, and getting that anoying little red X.

I don't know if you have a deeper problem but.
1) check that you have allowed attachments to be displayed in the user control panel

2)I usually just get around it by right-click 'show picture'


14th February 2002, 01:32

I know itīs the wrong forum but inconsistency is part of my nature

I donīt have ANY general problems, and some att. DOES work

your Nr. 2 doesnīt work (for me)

Iīm at a loss.


14th February 2002, 01:36
Have you tried this option.

user cp -> edit options -> Show image attachments and [img] code in Posts? set this to yes.

14th February 2002, 01:37

In IE6 that is.
I browsed through my settings, didnt change anything and now it works!!!!


Yes Keifront, itīs always been enabled.

Thx guys.