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13th February 2002, 14:01
PowerVR Revolution throw their hat into the Matrox rumour mill. Apparently the G800 ain't dead, but how can it be it was only ever the figment of a deranged webmasters mind ;) Also supposedly Matrox are to release not one but two cards this year. As usual it ain't so until...

As a follow-up to the previous post regarding Matrox news, I would like to add that the G800 is NOT dead. The card, which apparently boosts some very impressive features, has simply been rescheduled for 2002. On the other hand, two cards are to be released soon. The first one is the G550. I have no information about this card, unfortunately. The second card will use a new technology called Parhelia. Parhelia is a completely redesigned graphics engine, which we can guess will be used in their future cards.

Interesting piece of news I think :)


13th February 2002, 15:20
It's now 'news' it rumors.

And yes, it was interesting...9 months ago when it was posted. ;)
(it was especially interesting to see all the speculation that post caused...kinda like a recent post on the news page that prompted several multi-page threads) :p

13th February 2002, 15:24
I think your avatar is even more intersting than the news :D


14th February 2002, 00:32
If you want to use Kruzin his avatar as a background picture you can find it here :D .