View Full Version : Nvidia Next Gen Chip - some matrox flavor??

13th February 2002, 00:27

The next generation of Nvidia chips will offer a feature to make game developers' lives easier in the form of fully programmable hardware, according to sources. This means that unlike with current chips, which implement features in hardware, developers will be able to specify which functions the chip carries out using a firmware image.

Game developers would be able to test out new chip features even as Nvidia is developing them, meaning a far shorter lead time before those features find their way into new games. It currently takes about 12 months from the time a new graphics chip is launched before new games can fully take advantage of it.

A fully programmable architecture would also make it easier to build multi-processor graphics cards, as one GPU (graphics processing unit) could be programmed to carry out half of the chip's functions while another GPU took care of the remaining functions.


Anyone care to comment?? It seems there is some matrox flavor in the next nvidia card. I wonder if Matrox has any patends relating to the programable TnL unit of the G550 or something similar. If this is true then Matrox may have some grounds for a new lawsuit against nvidia.

16th February 2002, 14:49
Anyone care to do a patent search?

Although Matrox is the only graphics card company I am currently aware of that is doing this, the idea is not new. Transmetta is doing this. DSPs do this. Any other devices do this?

As far as I know, the only way nvidia could be sued is IF some of former Matrox Engineers are involved with reproducing some Matrox technology in the nvidia chip.

Of course, other people have been sued for less.

Just my 2