View Full Version : ATI to Announce RADEON 8500XT and RV250 in March

11th February 2002, 13:43
According to this Chinese source, ATI will announce a new RADEON 8500XT graphics card and a new RV250 chip in March, at the CeBIT show. The official name, which will be assigned to RV250 is said to be RADEON 8800. Although this name of RV250 implies that this chip will have some architectural differences distinguishing it from RADEON 8500, we still know nothing about it. Maybe these differences will lie with the improved T&L unit, however, we don’t have any evidence proving this information.

The cards built on RADEON 8500XT and RADEON 8800 will be equipped with 128MB high-speed DDR SDRAM, and the chips will be made with 0.15micron manufacturing technology. The chip and memory frequency of RADEON 8500XT cards will equal 300MHz, and of RADEON 8800 cards – 350MHz.

As for the next generation R300 chip, ATI is going to showcase its first samples only in May. The announcement of this GPU supposedly getting the name RADEON 9x00 will take place only in early autumn. There is a great lot of info about R300 features and specs, however, I would doubt its credibility, especially since there is a good lot of time left before the launching, and many things may change. Nevertheless, R300 will evidently be a DirectX 9.0 compatible solution supporting Vertex Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0. R300 chips will be manufactured with 0.13micron technology and will work at 350-400Mhz frequency. ATI is most likely to disclose some details about its upcoming R300 to the developers during the CeBIT show. So, we are all waiting impatiently for the more detailed and reliable info in the nearest future.

I hope it's true since it would be nice to see Nvidiot get some competition and it would most likley mean a huge price drop for the cards currently on the market!

11th February 2002, 17:03
Assuming ATi can write decent drivers...

Maybe the Parhelia will be announced at CeBit, too...



12th February 2002, 14:28
That´s absolutely right Jammrock.

Before ATI rubs themselves in their newest technology they should hire some decent programmers.

Having worked with Cinema4D on an so called *workstation* (P300&128MB) with an ATI-Rage128Pro32MB I can tell you storys folks!
After the fifth crash on one evening I had enough. I walked to my project leader and told him I want a new machine. He said sorry, so I went to my dealer an bought a G400/32MBSH from my last money. No crashes till now (who wonders...).

:) ;)

12th February 2002, 15:57
The RadeonXT and the RV250 are both only warmed-up Radeon8500s (like the Geforce4 is only a mildly warmed-up GF3 and thje MX is a GF2 in disguise).
ATIs next real thing is the R300 and if the posted/rumored specs are true it'll be a serious contender (unless ATI ruins it AGAIN with sub-par drivers).