View Full Version : Return to Castle Wolfenstein on G400MAX/Linux

9th February 2002, 02:14
I have Quake3 working fine, stable as anything. But RTCW only plays sometimes... Mostly it locks up either at the start or halfway through the game.

I tried it with XF86 4.1 (built here) and XF86 4.1 (debian packages). But no luck with either.

So the question is: Has anyone got this to work properly on G400MAX?

Steve Snyder
11th February 2002, 19:54
Just another data point: the same thing happens to me.

RtCW runs fine on Win2K (Linux/Win2K dual boot box). On Linux, though, it locks up my box shortly after I start playing it. When I say "locks up" I mean the user interface. I can't shut down RtCW or XFree86 from the console, but I can telnet into the system and do a clean reboot from there. I note while telnet'ed into the box that RtCW is taking 100% of one CPU.

My Hardware:
CPU = Dual P3/850
RAM = 512 PC100
Vid = G400MAX

My Software:
RedHat Linux v7.2 /w v2.4.17 kernel
XFree86 v4.1.0 / KDE v2.2.2
Latest (Oct., 2001) MGA drivers
RtCW version 1.1b

I have no lockups with other 3D games, just with RtCW. Sigh.

12th February 2002, 02:26
just out of curiosity, isn't xf86 4.20 out now?

Steve Snyder
12th February 2002, 03:58
Originally posted by DentyCracker
just out of curiosity, isn't xf86 4.20 out now?

If you mean v4.2.0 then, yes, it is. I haven't tried it, though.