View Full Version : when is dx9 set to come out???

7th February 2002, 16:07
hi does anyone know when dx9 is set to come out??? i'd like to know this as it means the r300 will come out, and hopefully some thing else aswell ;)

does anyone think that nvidia amy have missed the boat for dx9 with the release of the gf4???

7th February 2002, 21:26
Well, since ATi is releasing the 128MB version of the 8500, they don't seem to be planning the R300's release soon. So nVidia has at least 3 months minimum, and probably 6+. Plenty of time for them to milk the G4, and still release yet another premium card. People do seem to buy them after all.

7th February 2002, 21:29
DX9 isn't slated to be released til this fall.

8th February 2002, 00:14
Greebe is right the release is postponed until this fall.

Maybe because they decided to stop new work to fix bugs :o this month :p.

8th February 2002, 00:57
I've read here (http://www.betanews.com/article.php3?sid=1011272367) that the beta is released for testing.

I DO think that Nvidia missed the dx9 boat, but as Wombat already posted, Nvidia will probably release a GF4 Ultra or something in fall. (if they CAN crank up the core- & memspeed of the GF4)

But then again when will DX9 Games/Applications be fully available? I don't think you'll really need DX9 for at least 1 year from now....

8th February 2002, 02:39
Originally posted by roadie
and hopefully something else as well ;)

Having some DX9 features does not need to stop a card from being released.

For example the original Radeon had some DX8 features.

12th February 2002, 14:16
The coming of DX9 is not the question...

when are the first games coming?!? :(

Sadly as I see how many *real* DX8 games are out right now, I have to guess it will be when DX10 is sheduled...

say 2003 or so :rolleyes:

12th February 2002, 14:20
Rather very late 2003, early 2004.