View Full Version : Will trade my Voodoo5 5500 for G400+

31st January 2002, 10:08
Will trade my Voodoo5 5500 for G400+ (preferably dualhead, but single head is also fine). The card is used, but is in perfect, working condition. The only reason I'm trading is because I need good linux support such as Matrox offers. 3dfx never finished linux drivers for Voodoo5, so only one VSA100 chip is enabled in linux, no mesa2 support, and drivers are very poor in general.

The card is Voodoo5 5500, dual VSA100 chips, 64MB ram. It is much faster in 3D than G400, plus it supports Glide, which can be useful for playing old games.

Drop me a line to safonov@bellatlantic.net if you are interested.