View Full Version : Gamma adj on G450 2nd display

27th January 2002, 08:23

I have a G450 running with Win2K. All is good mostly except that my monitors and different makes and the one on the 2nd display always looks much darker. Using the monitors controls do not give the desired effect and what I would like to do is increase the gamma using powerdesk - problem is the option isn't there for the 2nd display :-( I've tried PowerStrip and although it is possible to make changes they don't actually do anything... I don't want to swap the primary/secondary montors over for other reasons.

I have the same problem with my RT2000 and the Millenium II which I use for the 2nd display, but I can happily adjust the gamma using power desk (no doubt because they are physically different cards), so no longer a problem.

Anyone got some ideas?


27th January 2002, 08:26
This is a hardware limitation of al G4xx/5xx cards.
There is no way to adjust gamma or color on the second head of the dualhead cards.

27th January 2002, 08:43
So not just a Win2K thing. This is the same with all OS's? I guess so if you say it's a hardware thing :-(

Thanks for the reply.