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16th January 2002, 04:49
Whenever I play UT, I can always get to the last game of the Championship without too much difficulty, but I always get beaten at the last level with the guy in the powersuit on the Hyberblast map. :( Best I can manage is to get to about 6:4 in my favour, before he manages to grab the shield belt, invisibility and flak cannon at the same time, and then I just cant seem to do more than wing him before dying.

Is this a damn hard level, or do I just suck at UT? (I suspect the latter!) :)

Rich 'Bodybag not included' L

16th January 2002, 07:11
I have trouble with that guy too, in fact I have never beaten him, unless i play with reduced gamespeed.

But then again, i suck at UT too :p

16th January 2002, 09:31
I wouldnt say you suck. Xan is a very hard opponent (in a test that was done by some Planet Unreal members, the bot Loque, with default settings, is even harder to beat). At what level of difficulty do you play? I play at Godlike, but i tweaked the bots, decreased their accuracy, increased camping, awareness & changed their combat style, making them fight, move & shoot more like humans than some crazy MoFo able to put a bullet through your head at 100m distance while you`re both in the air :)

16th January 2002, 09:37
Oh and BTW, the key in HyperBlast is item control, dont let Xan get the shield belt or invisibility.

16th January 2002, 09:40
crazy MoFo able to put a bullet through your head at 100m distance while you`re both in the air

hmm! reminds me of the final bot in quake3.

16th January 2002, 13:35
When I first played and online wasn't an option (oh those were the simple times), I ran into the same thing with Xan until I used the Biosludge as a main weapon.With decent timing, you can get it to explode around him (he'll dodge it just sitting there)and it'll give you a ton of easy kills. Item control is also an excellent suggestion.

16th January 2002, 16:06
Item control is definatly the answer.
Invisibility isn't a big deal. You can still see him if you have a sharp eye.
Camp in that horshoe shaped area with the shield belt, and dont ever let him touch out.
By hogging that belt for byself, and spamming him with the flak cannon was the only way I could beat him...

17th January 2002, 09:29
Item Control = Map Control in most UT maps. And you definitely want to control the maps in 1 on 1 play. (I get stung hard in 1 on 1 against players that have each map down pat because they control the powerups, jump boots, better weapons, etc.).

So if you keep XAN from the powerups, particularly that shield belt (as pointed out above), you'll have a much better chance of beating him.

Another tip, on a side note, since I just found out about it last week, even though I've played since the first D3D capable UT demo came out- the secondary fire of the impact hammer (remember the weapon we practiced jumping with :D) deflects energy based weapons fire. This is particularly effective against the shock rifle. I found this out as I was trying to combo another player on the Factory public TDM server, and he kept deflecting my shock ball away as I was attempting to get the combo. (I DID get him eventually, but it took much longer than I expected!)

Also, crouching prevents headshots (with ANY weapon). :)

Edit: for the record, I switched to the minigun when the shock wasn't working against that guy. Projectile weapons aren't covered. ;)

17th January 2002, 13:08
dont feel bad, there has to be HPB cannon fodder in every game or it's no fun :)

not everyone can be the LPB on the top of the game.......

17th January 2002, 13:28
I beat him by running a route around the map. Go for the shield belt FIRST. Then run a cirle through where the armor is back through the horseshoe, snatching the belt and armor as they appear. By keeping youself amped up with the shield belt, armor, and all of the power up vials (?) in the horseshoe you should stay pretty powerfull.

Running a route in a multiplayer game is always a bad idea, since some players learn where you will be and will hunt you down and kill you as you come by (*cough* ACE *cough*).

The trick is to never let him get the good stuff. :)

17th January 2002, 22:22
Dang, Ace. I'm sorry to hear that you found out about the hammer's secondary use... ;)

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I've never played the single player part of UT.

18th January 2002, 10:10
Originally posted by Kindness!
Running a route in a multiplayer game is always a bad idea, since some players learn where you will be and will hunt you down and kill you as you come by (*cough* ACE *cough*).
Those players probably don't have much choice, as if they DON'T kill the route runners asap, they tend to find themselves respawning in the path of those players repeatedly. ;) (*ahem* sound familiar? *sigh*) :D

21st January 2002, 04:46
I beat him! :D :D Thanks for the advice everyone!
Feels kinda like cheating tho, to nick all the power ups and camp out for him..

Now I'm trying 15 Bots set to Adept on deathmatch...damn its tough...but I seem to be in the top third of the table :)

Unfortunately my UT Strategy (and most other first person shooters) is to outsmart the enemy rather than outfight them, which is pretty easy with dumb UT bots (and also why I was a good engie in the early days of TFC before Valve screwed with all the settings).
I'd probably get fragged to pieces against humans :D

21st January 2002, 11:07
...what should I say...

if you have seen me playing you know what I mean. ;)


21st January 2002, 11:16
Originally posted by TDB

hmm! reminds me of the final bot in quake3.


An iritating mofo who was much easier to frag when I had got my ms intellimouse explorer!