View Full Version : rocketmanx & Sisyfos?

29th December 2001, 06:11
What has happend to your G@H production?

29th December 2001, 06:13
Rocketmanx still produces, although he has been offline (ie without proxy for a while) so 'es supposed to 'ave a lot of units to dump soon.

'aven't seen or 'eard from sisyfos for a while...


30th December 2001, 22:03
Still here producin' :D
Shortly after my last post stating I figured out my proxy problem my cable bit the dust. Spent all day today figuring it out. Won't say what it was 'cause it's a little embarrasing :o I'm fairly new to network stuff and definitely new to broadband so I don't feel to bad. Screwin' ups how I've learned everything I know :D
Should see results tomorrow as I never got done uploading my "wad" from before.