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27th December 2001, 23:05
Caught that over at anandtech. Apparently the new .15 micron chips from these companies will be high volume launched in February.

The news/rumour can be found here:

Comeon Matrox, match these guys and launch your chipset before February!


28th December 2001, 04:45
Here's some info of the nextgen Ati i found on http://www.radeon2.ru :


. the technology of production. 0,15 (micro)m
. the frequency of nucleus/kernel. 350Mhz
. the number of conveyors (pipelines) of rendering. 4 or 8
. the number of textural blocks on each conveyor. 2 or 4
. frequency and the type of memory. 800Mhz DDR
. the capacity of the busbar/tire of the exchange of memory chipset of 12Gb/s
. the support Of truForm, 2 blocks from the work from TruForm
. the support of the new versions of piksel'nykh (?) and apical shader
. the support of the conclusion/derivation of image to 2 monitors (HydraVision)
. the support Of directX 9
. support to the technology Of HyperZ 3
. support to 250Mb of the memory
. 4 blocks from the work with apical shader
. Pixel To fillrate. 2,8 mln. pixsels per second
. Texel To fillrate. 8,4 mln. texeles per second
. support both to 128 bit and 256 bit busbars/tires of the exchange of memory chipset
. the exemplary/approximate date of announcement. spring 2002

Reading this i suddenly feal that the 19,2Gb/s with 256bit DDR of the 'Parhelia' doesn't sound impossible anymore :)

28th December 2001, 08:18
I hope Matrox will be out with some more info very soon!!

Comeon Matrox!!

28th December 2001, 18:39
Go Matrox!!!!

29th December 2001, 07:22
8 pixel pipelines, 2-4 TMU's each, and I read somewhere about 4 Pixel and 4 vertex shaders, 350 MHz...ALL THIS ON A 0,15 DIE


29th December 2001, 10:13
sounds like a big chip!

is this really possible with todays tech? i donīt want a voodoo56k sized graphic-card.

30th December 2001, 01:13
Originally posted by TDB
sounds like a big chip!

is this really possible with todays tech? i donīt want a voodoo56k sized graphic-card.

Not only that but I dont think my power supply is up to it:)

30th December 2001, 01:33
maybe its 0.13 mikron (if thats what it is), i think the actual geforce 3/radeon 8500 are already 0.15 mikron (if thats what it is) ;)

30th December 2001, 08:37
Who cares about what nVidia and ATI are delivering?

ATI drivers simply sucks ( said as not so proud owner of AIW Radeon.) and nVidia has to still improve their image quality to power my HP P1110 monitor. (said as not so proud owner of Hercules GF 1 DDR.)

so ATI and nVidia aren't choices for me.

and I am still believe that we will see that rumoured 19.2 GB/s mem bandwidth on matrox next card. I am now ready to wait for it. and at least I know that Bitboys isn't dead, but I would like to have Matrox in meantime...

R300 is not like to have eRAM, so it will be mem bandwidth limited.
and I don't think that NV25 is going to have any big improvments to mem. bandwidth either. And no big mem. bandwidth means slowdown to FSAA, making it practically useless. (no one wants to use it...)

I stand for Matrox now. :) Bitboys has their projects and it is suprisingly far, but still so far that I have time to use one card before their offering.

30th December 2001, 08:39
I am hoping to hear that Matrox card is 0.15-0.17 micron eRAM (SRAM/EDRAM) process. :)

30th December 2001, 12:27
What new Matrox card?
Since they are not going to the biggest "consumer" computer fair (CEBIT), you can be ABSOUTELY sure that their next card is quite some time away.

And by then it'll really have to compete against ATI R300 (there are specs out there that say 256Bit bus...) and GeForce4 (with GigaPixel tech?), so it better be good.

30th December 2001, 13:10
Indiana: was G400 launched at trade show? was G200 launched at trade show? was G550 launched at trade show? since when Matrox has started show things on trade shows??

and as said for me, there isn't any other choices so... why not wait? :)

and why everyone is so up to GigaPixel? for me it is just company that was bought by another company some years ago...

GigaPixel tech is very interesting, I don't deny that, but NV25 is going to be an updgrade to NV20 (as Geforce 2 (NV15) was for GF1 (NV10)) and did we see anything special between them? no. There was few pipelines more and faster memory, but nothing new to memory design, which is still the main problem in cards.

30th December 2001, 17:24
Hidden Surface Removal technology acquired from Gigapixel may allow NVidia to skirt the bandwidth problem in much the same way as PowerVR did with the KyroII.

30th December 2001, 17:43
Yes, they tend to announce their chips independent of trade shows. Still, if they had something to show or a new chip announced until Cebit, you can bet they'd be there. And I guess you know what it means if they don't even have the new chip announced by then for the release-date of an actual card...

Of course the NV25 will only be an a bit polished up NV20, but what I'm talking about was the NV30 which probably will see the light together even before a new Matrox card (my guess would be with the release of DX9 - somewhere Q4/02).

As K6-III said the Gigapixel tech would provide a way around the bandwidth limitation (kinda scary - try to think about the speed NVidia might get if GP technology actually worked :eek: )
And a 256Bit bus would also provide an effective (while costly) way around those limitations. I'm sure the use of a 256Bit bus is not way off (we already had the switches from 32 -> 64 ->128 bits), as is the thought of using QDR for gfx-cards.

1st January 2002, 07:14
I think the thing thats going to happen is that both ATI and Nvidia will say they are coming out with new products and you wont be able to get them till the Fall some time...several reasons for this:

The R200 has only been out on the market for 3 months now...it would be crazy for them to come out with something totally new when their current product still has alot of potental in it that needs to shine through with driver improvements.

Nvidia is in a slightly different boat here...if they do come out with something...its most likely going to be something based off the XBOX GPU with 128 bit DDR memory...still nothing really shattering..just a GeForce 3 thats totally DX8.1 complant.

The biggest problem that both companies face now is that if they do come out with new products in the next two months..in all likelyhood they wont support the new DX9 extentions that havent been finallized yet. I've read that DX9 won't be out till the fall...at the earliest!


1st January 2002, 17:26
It may come out in fall, but the specs may be available to manufacturers much sooner.

5th January 2002, 13:32
just saw this:

someone has a GF4 and got 9283 3dmarks:

do you think its for real??

5th January 2002, 13:58
Yes, I believe itīs real!

We, Matroxusers, are doomed! Nvidia and ATI are going to rule the world and we will be slaves working in their factories! Oh my God!

Poor us, bound to Matrox products, we canīt even taste high speed gaming anymore!



5th January 2002, 18:04
sounds like an "OH NO" thread:p

5th January 2002, 23:03
Eh, eh.;)

6th January 2002, 00:09
Ah well..
As my financial situations is, atm, I will be more than happy to give matrox yet another few months to complete their new card.

6th January 2002, 07:10
TDB, if this 3DMark score is for real, then NVidia is in problems... This is (with a FSB of 266?!?) only slightly higher than what my Radeon8500 already gets and will be blasted away with ATIs next product.

No, I don't believe this score is for real... I can't get to the score anymore but from my first look at it the driver version number looked like an edited ATI one and the single scores seemed to be just slightly scaled up ones from an actual R8500 benchmark.
There always were differences between NVidia and ATI cards with NVidia being faster quite a bit in some tests and slower in others. These (most probably fake) results were faster than my Radeon8500 about the same amount for every single score, so I guess someone is just trolling.

7th January 2002, 07:14
"GeForce4" To Be Announced Feb. 5

Geforce4 extremetech (http://www.extremetech.com/article/0,3396,s%253D201%2526a%253D20647,00.asp)

edit: link didn't worked

9th January 2002, 20:38

Scarry, Isn't it?

14th January 2002, 06:03
Something about ATI, according to The Inquirer they will send their cards out to their partners in a couple of weeks and introduce the R300 at CeBIT: http://www.theinquirer.net/14010201.htm
...so maybe it wasn't such a dumb idea for Matrox to stay away from CeBIT (sorry, I forgot, they have completely different target markets :mad: )

Edit: As many of us know, the Geforce 4 in its many forms is supposed to be introduced the 5th of February.
Edit2: But that was already mentioned by KeiFront two posts earlier :)
Edit3: Cebit 2002 is 13th-20th of March.

14th January 2002, 06:29
Originally posted by TDB
sounds like an "OH NO" thread:p
Shouldnt that have been OH NO! It sounds like an OH NO thread.


regards MD

14th January 2002, 07:00
Speaking of a 6 month cycle (official announcment radeon 8500 10/oct/01, possible announcement R300 13/mar/02 (Cebit))

14th January 2002, 07:12
Hey I got an invite from nVidia to the unveiling of their new beast in San Francisco :)


14th January 2002, 07:16
Ant: it might seem to be beast but afaik it has not anything very new... (read: it will be memory bandwidth limited.) which, I don't think my next card to be...

still, have fun... at least try to take everything out of it, especially if nVidia pays the party totally. ;)

14th January 2002, 13:08
Have a nice trip if you're going Ant! :cool:

Make it expensive for nVidia!! :D

14th January 2002, 13:37
Originally posted by Ant
Hey I got an invite from nVidia to the unveiling of their new beast in San Francisco :)I don't suppose your invitation says "avec" ? If nVidia pays the bill then you could bring the MatroxUsers as your party :D

14th January 2002, 15:07
That had been something nVidia payed all MURC'ers bills of comming to San Franscisco, and then we could


14th January 2002, 23:24
Im in.
I wonder what a priority ticket from Denmark would amount to?




15th January 2002, 07:12
hey Ant, maybe you could sneak in early and switch the "beast" with an old Voodoo3 :D and see if anyone notices ;)

15th January 2002, 08:02
Unfortunately the offer didn't extend to paying my way out there although they did offer free cocktails. I am due to be in the States at about that time on business albeit in Maine, I'll see if I can change my plans without the company noticing and drop in for a little sabotage :)