View Full Version : Matrox not going to CeBIT 2002 !

Kosh Naranek
20th December 2001, 23:36
Munich, December 20, 2001 —Matrox Graphics today announced that the company will not exhibit at CeBIT 2002. With this decision Matrox Graphics stays abreast of the uncertain development of the general economic situation and the IT market. In addition, the negative trend of attendance at IT tradeshows worldwide made Matrox reallocate marketing resources in favour of alternative activities assuring to reach the respective target groups.

With this strategic decision Matrox, a quality and innovation leader recognized with over 1,000 international awards for the exclusive Matrox graphics chip technology, intends to profit from the new potentials of a dynamic business environment.


Is the "Parhelia" project delayed ?

They did have a huge stand in 2001 !

21st December 2001, 06:19
Maybe Haig&co drank too much beer last time ;)

21st December 2001, 06:57
That doesn't sound good :( (not the drinking part ;))

Kosh Naranek
21st December 2001, 07:32
No, it doesn't sound good at all ...... !

I would like to know the REAL reason though, because last year was a record year at CeBIT ( in amount of visitors ) and 2002 looks as though it will be even bigger !


21st December 2001, 07:55
I didn't drink that much... although I was fast asleep all the way home in Maggi's car! :o

I knew Matrox shouldn't have stayed in such a swanky hotel! :D

21st December 2001, 10:09
I really hope that is not a big bad sign appearing on the horizon ...

MK :(

21st December 2001, 15:15
Personally I think Matrox is having problems :(