View Full Version : Best ICQ backup?

12th December 2001, 19:29
Any have a suggestion for a backup program for ICQ2001B? I've run into problems with the database being locked when I go to convert the database.



13th December 2001, 02:49
Best idea? Don't use ICQ. Use Trillian. It be much more better.

- Gurm

13th December 2001, 02:59
Link would probably help: http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/

I use Trillian too. It rocks!

13th December 2001, 04:03

You can backup your ICQ list with <a href="http://www.headstrong.de/">ICQr</a>.

13th December 2001, 05:20
Originally posted by Gurm
Best idea? Don't use ICQ. Use Trillian. It be much more better.

- Gurm

I am but I still need to back up my contact list! :p


13th December 2001, 06:32
Isn't a backup of the icq database just taking a copy of the folder ICQ\2000b ?

(perhaps I'm missing the complexity of the issue....;) )


13th December 2001, 13:29
There is a problem with this guys, he's using ICQ2001B or has been using that one. You can't switch to Trillian when your present ICQ is 2001B, for it doesn't store your database locally, but on the ICQ server. No programs can backup the database then either, Mike :(

So Scott, your option would be to un-install ICQ2001B, discard all the data that you had until that time, re-install ICQ 2000B and make it work, install everyone that you installed since you went to 2001B and then switch over to Trillian 0.7

I've been there, I've done that :)
And Trillian works great... when you don't hide your container... ahum... lol


14th December 2001, 13:39
'Cuz he didn't know how to unhide it until this afternoon. ;)

- Gurm

14th December 2001, 14:43
Only by deleting the whole container in talk.ini can you get a suddenly hidden container back. But if you, Gurm, know of another way, please tell me :D

I'll work on the how to setup Trillian. Is the least I can do :)