View Full Version : Help with New MOBO and Rainbow Runner setup

15th April 2000, 22:21
Hi All.

About 1 month ago I built up a new PC. I have a problem with my RRS and video capture. Normally things with PCs don’t get me but this one has and now I would like to ask your help.

The system is.

MOBO = Micro Star MS-6301 ATX with i820 chipset AMI BIOS version 1.2 the latest for this MOBO.
Memory 128 of PC133 RAM
CPU : P550E Coppermine.
Software in Video partition Win95 OSR2B. This partition only used for video.
Software drive : Seagate 6.4G UDMA33
Capture drive Seagate UDMA 66 17Gb. Sisoft Sandra tested at 10Meg/sec
Display card Matrox Mystique 220 Display drivers 4.31 Jan 21.99
Capture card Matrox Rainbow Runner Studio Vide tools 2.10 Jan 21.99
Sound card Soundblaster 16 P&P
DirectX 7.

I normally capture at 1.9 ~ 2.5 Meg /sec as the results are printed back to tape. This captures fine with no dropped frames. However if I try to capture at 3 Meg/sec the max for a RRS the system chocks. It captures about 2 frames and stops. Also a clue to this problem may lie in the fact that if I try to capture in any setting black footage I get an error message. ”No frames captured. Confirm that the vertical sync interrupts are configured and enabled.”

This sounds similar to a problem that I found in my archives from this group that gave the solution of setting the BIOS PCI Edge detect settings set to “Level” not “Edge” Unfortunalty I cannot find such an entry in my AMI BIOS. My old PCs Award BIOS had such an entry’

I have check for interrupt conflicts but there are none. There were some display conflicts with the 820 AA PCI bridge but I removed these.

I have tried to install the Intel 820 drivers but these make no difference. I have also reformatted the partition and installed the driver and apps one by one to see it is another driver but it’s there from the start.

This capture problem happens with MSPRO, AVI_IO and Matrox Remote.

If any one has any ideas I would appreciate them. If appears from searches thru the news groups that the MS-6301 MOBO is not common. I should have bought a ASUS proven board or the like or a BX chipped MOBO.

Thanx in advance.