View Full Version : MSN Messanger trouble.

4th December 2001, 06:15
I know it sucks and all but my wife uses it... the only problem I am having is at work on a Win2K machine with MSN not really working.

It says I am signed and works fine for a while then after that when I click to send a message to someone or check the mail it says oh you can't your not signed in... and then I have to resign in again and its a pain because my wife says that even though it looks like I am signed in on my computer it shows that I am offline everywhere else (But only after a while when it still looks like its on in my system)

Stupid MS... :confused:

Anyone have this problem or find a fix?

4th December 2001, 06:32
Mass anger isn't in a bad mood is it?

4th December 2001, 07:05
Sometimes I've got the same problem. I think it is firewall related. I'm still using msn 3.6 the new version (4.5) sucks big time, but thatís only my humble opinion.

4th December 2001, 07:37
It is my honest opinion that it sucks as well.

It could be firewall related as I have this problem at work with a hardware firewall in the router.

If I could I would recommend something else but MSN is the easiest for my wife to use and ICQ is just too full of bloat now (As is the new version of MSN Messanger... :mad: )

4th December 2001, 07:47
Yeah, most people I know switched to msn. ICQ has it's good sides but also very bad ones and it's full of bloat now, like you said.

4th December 2001, 09:14
What about running Trillian, if ICQ works at your workplace?

I have an ssh connection to the outside world from work.

4th December 2001, 09:37
I have been doing a few more tests and I believe that it only causes problems when its running in the background... If I leave it open on the desktop or just minimize it then it seems to stay on... its still too early to tell if I am onto something though... but I will test it some more.

I have ICQ at home.. but most of the other people I need to talk to use MSN only

4th December 2001, 11:28
CBMan, you might try Miranda MSN, which comes
with <a href="http://miranda-icq.sourceforge.net/">Miranda ICQ</a>. Very small, light, fast.

<a href="http://miranda-icq.sourceforge.net/images/screenshot_main.gif">screenshot</a>
<a href="http://nortiq.com/miranda/files/preview_mugzless_v.0.3.gif">sample icons</a>
<a href="http://nortiq.com/miranda/files/preview_preview.jpg">blue icons</a>

4th December 2001, 12:14
I used Trillian a time ago but it had some glitches, guess I should give it a try again.

4th December 2001, 12:14
Ok... after some testing for two hours... leaving it minimized in the taskbar (Not Closed and in the System Tray) Keeps it from saying service unavailable and asking to sign in again.

I will check this at home on my 98 and ME machines and see what happens there.. it could just be an issue with some network settings I have at work on 2K.