View Full Version : Intel is getting rid of their left overs!

3rd December 2001, 14:26
The chipmaker continues its Pentium III closeout sale, eyeing the chip's eventual departure from the desktop PC market, where it will be replaced by the Pentium 4.

Intel on Sunday sliced between 10 percent and 20 percent from the list prices of its desktop and server Pentium III chips.

On the desktop front, the company dropped the price of its 1GHz Pentium III by 17 percent to $143. Meanwhile, it cut the 1.1GHz and 1.13GHz Pentium III chips by 10 percent each. Both now list for $173. Intel also dropped the prices on its 850MHz, 866MHz, 900MHz and 933MHz Pentium III chips by 12 percent each. All are now priced at $143.

3rd December 2001, 18:55
I guess that's supposed to be a good deal? :rolleyes:

An Athlon XP1700+ is $136 on pricewatch

3rd December 2001, 19:05
yeah, *ntel makes me laugh.

They discontinue their PIII, even though it outperforms a PIV thats clocked 500MHz faster :P

3rd December 2001, 19:09
Clock doesn't mean that much though. My machine here is running a 552MHz chip that kicks the crap out of any of Intel's or AMD's offerings, but that's because it does more per clock.

That said, P4's have to get a hell of a lot faster before I care about them.

3rd December 2001, 23:43
LOL.. so what does HP sell that 552MHz chip for, Rob?

4th December 2001, 05:35
Intel could have competed with AMD with their Tualin Pentium III-S core, bu no.... Bad strategy from Intel.

4th December 2001, 10:25
The chip is only available as a part of a system. The one at my desk is a $15K box (1.5GB RAM, etc, etc). But I guess the chip contributes a grand or better to the price. http://cpus.hp.com

5th December 2001, 13:04
Does anyone have a comparison of Athlon TB vs Athlon XP vs Pentium 4 RAMBUS vs Pentium 3 Tu?

I was curious to see how the current processors stack up, but my usual sites only seem to be comparing the Tu with P3s, and the XP with TBs. I'd think the P4-2GHz with RAMBUS would take a bit beating, but then it's sweet sweet money you're spending on that setup ;)


5th December 2001, 16:37
God, where the hell have you been Paul?

6th December 2001, 03:05
Toms Hardware has made an comparation with the Tualin processor, one good thing with the Tualin is good overcloaking posibileties, but you have to use it on a i815 chipset, and that puts some limits. I don't know how it is on VIA chipset (Apollo 133T & 266T)

My Athlon XP 1600Mhz (1900+) overcloaked to 1666Mhz (2000+)on a VIA KT266A platform has abselutly no problem with beating the Pentium 4 setup in almost every benchmark, and the best it that it's much cheaper, and I have noe problems with the VIA chipset! :)