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30th November 2001, 00:33

30th November 2001, 04:38
Thanks !

30th November 2001, 05:31
Thanks !
Does this one display the matroxusers forum correctly ?


30th November 2001, 05:40
I just tested it (this is posted from within Opera6).

So it works !


Kosh Naranek
30th November 2001, 09:30
I HATE Add-Ware !

30th November 2001, 09:49
Thats simple to solve pay for it and no more ads.:D

30th November 2001, 09:59
Originally posted by Kosh Naranek
I HATE Add-Ware !

Then use mozilla: http://www.mozilla.org/releases/

30th November 2001, 10:41
Some banking sites that don't work in IE work in Opera.
So I like Opera quite a bit.

< snipped unnecessary anti-opera rant from radsoft.net >
< if you want to read it go to <a href="http://www.radsoft.net/resources/software/reviews/blacklist.html">radsoft</a> >

Kosh Naranek
30th November 2001, 12:53
Sure I could buy it ! But why should I ? I've already got an Internet Browser which for me Is working flawlessly, namely I.E 6 !

Kosh Naranek
30th November 2001, 12:56
Regarding the Banking Sites Issue :

Have you tried adjusting the privacy settings to allow those sites to use cookies ?

I.E 6 blocks those kind of cookies as a default, but you can manually allow sites to put cookies on your computer or you can set your privacy settings to low !

30th November 2001, 15:54
Have you tried adjusting the privacy settings to allow those sites to use cookies ? -Kosh Naranek

Good suggestion, but it's not a cookie problem.
To get some banking sites to work in IE, you have
to fiddle with IE's SSL/TLS settings.

Opera works fine out of the box.


More good things about Opera:

<li>you can set a minimum font size
<li>you can press F12 and <a href="http://www.opera.com/graphics/press/guides/600pref_quick.png">turn off popups</a>
<li>you can use one of the included <a href="http://people.opera.com/~rijk/" title="scroll to bottom">sample styles</a>, like <a href="http://people.opera.com/~rijk/stylesheets/ultramarine.css" title="gold hover links on a navy blue background (matrox colors for every site)">ultramarine.css</a>

Also, check out the <a href="http://www.opera.com/press/guides/operapower/">Top 5 Opera Power Tools</a>.

1st December 2001, 00:57
Opera 6 looks really nice, unfortunately it won't cooperate with my webmail :(

1st December 2001, 04:07
I have been using Opera for a while and find that it works well. However on some sites links do not work and give a Java script void error. Anyone know a way around this?


1st December 2001, 08:43
DJ, what you might do is send the webmaster of the site
a short note, something like:

Hello, I've noticed a small error on your page,
located on [ line ] at [ url ]. The error is: [ error ].

You can reproduce the error by opening [ url ]
in the Opera web browser.

You may be able to fix it by following <a href="http://tech.irt.org/articles/js169/#4.13">JavaScript Best Practices</a>,
or consulting <a href="http://www.opera.com/docs/specs/js/">Opera's JS documents</a>.

Thanks for your help!

Hopefully the webmaster will respond and do something about it.
In the meantime, you can press F12 to turn off JS, and use the
[ noscript ] version of the page.

2nd December 2001, 13:21
I'm giving 6.0 a try... and I've got a few questions:

How do I...
Arrange the button layout in the navbar?
Move all the bars onto one line, so that they don't consume a lot of space?
Set a specific directory to keep all bookmarks?
Dock the hotlist when using SDI?
Drag a URL to the desktop/folder?
Get Opera to remember its size & position?

Here are 2 questions I got answers to:

Disable the splash screen?
Go to opera6.ini and enter:

Disable the Email/News/Chat in the Hotlist:
Just set these fields in opera6.ini:
Show News Client=0
Show IM Client=0
Show E-mail Client=0

4th December 2001, 08:14
> Arrange the button layout in the navbar?

Just guessing here : there is a configuration file (see File | Preferences | browser look) called buttons.ini. Perhaps the order can be changed there ?

> Move all the bars onto one line, so that they don't consume a lot of space?

Euhm, I don't understand this question...

> Set a specific directory to keep all bookmarks?

I think this is still one weak point (have searched for that as well...)


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4th December 2001, 10:28
What I meant by putting the bars on one line:

Also, is there any plugin to get Opera to remember user/passes?

4th December 2001, 11:05
Isochar, you can maximize space by:
- turning off unneeded bars (window/hotlist/button bars)
edit: (since you have mouse gestures, you don't need back/fwd/etc)
- setting all bars to text-only
- taking out buttons you don't want
- pressing F11

As for auto-inserting user/passes, try <a href="http://www.clrpc.com/ptd/">Password Tracker</a>.

4th December 2001, 13:51
What's the gesture for the hotlist?

4th December 2001, 14:39
Don't know what the hotlist gesture is. F4 brings up the list.

But why use bookmarks at all? (in Opera, Netscape, or IE.)
Try something <a href="http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&postid=220915#post220915">faster</a>.