View Full Version : Custom resolutions in Windows XP?

28th November 2001, 22:34
Is there still any way to get custom resolutions in Windows XP? MTSTU 4.02.04 only fixed the ability to choose AGP speed.

G400max (5.72) + WinXP. I'm desperately in need of at least 1400x1050 resolution and a 21" Sony F520 still costs too much :rolleyes:.

30th November 2001, 04:01
I also need some advice on this one. Powerstrip doesn't work...

BTW welcome to the forums Jussi.

2nd December 2001, 06:05
I just tried adding 1400x1050 and 1600x1024 with a G450 and then a G550, and they stuck. I think you just need to use the latest version of PowerStrip with the 5.72 Matrox drivers for XP: PowerStrip menu > Options > Online services > Live update to get 3.10.231.

(Once the resolutions you want are added, PowerStrip can be uninstalled.)