View Full Version : Anyone Benchmarked/Overclocked a Celeron-T Processor?

28th November 2001, 05:03
Of course, this tread may be located into "General Hardware" forum... or may be not!

I'm thinking, while Matrox does'nt release a really new card :mad:, to upgrade my CPU in order to have more horsepower.... while maintaning my G400Max :cool: on board.

I discovered that the Celeron-T processor is almost like a Pentium-III (older core) because these two puppies have the same cache size.

I'm seriously thinking to overclock a standard Celeron-T (12 x 100Mhz bus = 1200 mhz), because it have the same core technology adopted for the pentium III-S, running at 133Mhz.

It's possible to run this baby at 1600Mhz :eek: (12*133Mhz)?
Anyone have tryed?
Anyone have some benchmarks?

Thanks to everyone can tell me more....


28th November 2001, 07:03


29th November 2001, 04:20
Only, as states the old good Tom, isn' t possible to overclock to 133 Mhz BUS Freq. :rolleyes: .

I want devices running at STANDARD SPEED, I suppose the G400 can' t handle an AGP bus frequency greather than standard frequency....


29th November 2001, 06:12
Check out the "CPU Database" over @ www.overclockers.com the highest oc so far is 1632MHz

29th November 2001, 07:24
Without any excess cooling or effort we have one at 1334 Mhz on a board that doesn't offer many FSB and doesn't offer any voltage choices.