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22nd November 2001, 06:07
Anyone know how to get battlecom to work through my linksys router and cable modem? I can get it to work if i plug the pc directly into the modem via the NIC but with the linksys attached it gives me the server not found message.
I can host a session across my local network (useful as it's in one room:rolleyes: )
I can join in on sessions that others are holding but as i am the only person in my little gang with any bandwidth it's nicer for them if i host battlecom.

Things i have tried so far:

I have put the hosting PC in the DMZ section of the router setup ( i can run counterstrike servers no worries)

I have forwarded every port to the host system

Ideally i want to host BC and CS on one machine and then join the game from another so i can kill my friends with my 0 ping

Anyone know?

22nd November 2001, 06:08
BTW i run 2k on all the machines

Dr Mordrid
22nd November 2001, 09:16
Battlecom? Hmmm....M$ Voice over IP software....

Check this page;


and search for the string "DirectPlay and VoIP issues", read the info and the Microsoft links. There's info there on using one behind a NAT router.

Basically you have to set up differently according to what version of DirectX you're using.

Also potentially useful;

Connecting to the Zone Through a Firewall or Proxy Server


Another blurb on the same page regarding duplex settings may be helpful;

"Ethernet link between PC and cable modem: duplex setting"

Dr. Mordrid

22nd November 2001, 10:24
cheers md, i will search those links:D