View Full Version : G550 Dual DVI and SGI 1600SW

18th November 2001, 06:01
Any ideas if G550 Dual DVI will support SGI's 1600SW (1600x1024 resolution)? Rather, does it support two of these at this resolution? I have two 1600SW LCD's and G550 Dual DVI looks like the best solution to me at the moment.

Right now I am (was) using a G400 with DVI add-on and a 3DLabs card. The 3DLabs card died and I tried to connect one of the LCD's (through SGI multilink adapter) to the G400 analog output but the result was horrible (a lot of noise such that I could see a ghost image of the DVI output on the analog output). G400 DVI output by itself, on the other hand, is outstanding (and G400 really supported 1600x1024).

Anyway, any comments about the 1600SW native resolution support would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


21st November 2001, 16:09
Well it should work fine.

Ring up SGI and tell them about it.


21st November 2001, 16:11
Do you think it would be worthwhile, considering that 1600SW is not produced anymore and considered "legacy"?


21st November 2001, 17:14

As far as I am concerned they are still one of the best LCD monitors out there. They should work fine with the adapter, but yeah give SGI a call and they should look into it.

Where did you get them BTW? I wish they had not stoped production, I wanted one, and they were too expensive for me to buy before.


22nd November 2001, 13:51
It may work.. but it probably won't be a full refresh speed. But for a viewing 2D on flat panels that doesn't really matter.