View Full Version : New, LONG genome-genes out, and new Linux-build.

9th November 2001, 15:44
The last first, Stefan has build a new linux-version, based on glibc2.0 Only people with problems with 2.2-version needs download this new build.

For all running the "same" small genes week after week, a new set of genes is released today. This is "Phase two", http://genomeathome.stanford.edu/proteins/phase2/index.html

Max length is 200 aa.
Myself, I just downloaded a 157aa. :eek:

9th November 2001, 15:55
I ran a 65aa that took twice as long as my current 68aa, for two days before I noticed I only had 2 results :(

Does this now mean the maximum of 25 credits/points is off the hook?


10th November 2001, 14:39
It looks like the new molecules is for the moment pulled off again. It seems all 150+ aa crashes while filtering 151 aa...

This probably means new client before phase 2 is re-released...