View Full Version : Logitech: left button acts like right button

3rd November 2001, 09:06
Sometimes, when i press the left button, a menu pops up like it thinks i pressed the right button, it continues acting like right button until I press the right button again, then the left button acts normally....

It sometimes gets irritating when this happens... is there any fix?

i think I have Logitech First Wheel Mouse+ PS/2

model number displayed on mouse is M-C48

3rd November 2001, 09:13
What drivers are you using? (doh) :)

3rd November 2001, 09:38
(doh):) i'm using logitech control center version its the latest one available on logitech's website.

3rd November 2001, 10:38
I'm using an older version... Control center which work fine.

Possibly buggy driver version? Logitech is known for crappy mouse drivers

3rd November 2001, 11:03
hmm, i reinstalled the drivers i currently have, if it happens again, i will try older drivers... do u know where i can download them?

3rd November 2001, 11:32
Not off the top of my head I sure don't.

3rd November 2001, 12:02
When I was using their 3 button mouse I had the same problem, but only after playing Minesweeper. I don't know if it is due to the repeated clicking of the right button or Minesweeper.

3rd November 2001, 12:44
I have that problem sometimes.

However, I really doubt it's a driver issue. I think it's just a Windows issue.

My Logitech does it under Win98 with Logitech and Intellimouse drivers. I've seen it under NT4 with Logitech and MS mice.

Liquid Snake
3rd November 2001, 12:52
Yep, I've seen it happen with both Logitech and MS mice as well.