View Full Version : Spank your Monkey!

3rd November 2001, 08:00
Spank it baby! (http://www.vectorlounge.com/04_amsterdam/jam/flamjam.html) :) :o :D ;) :p :cool: :eek: :confused:

Fat Tone
3rd November 2001, 08:07
292 Miles Per Hour - a new personal best :o :D

ooh now its 365! I'm normally slower second time :confused:

3rd November 2001, 08:17
hehe Just got 637 MPH .

Edit: Just got 943 but I cheated. Drag the hand to the edge till your curser is off of the game then move the curser around to the other side of the monkey and put it back on the game. The hand will jump to the curser and "Spank the monkey" hard!. hehe

I can't believe I sit here and play with these things like a mental patient.

3rd November 2001, 08:34
haha that is just wonderful.

3rd November 2001, 09:03
what all this about spanking the monkey?? :eek:

4th November 2001, 05:27
1061 :D