View Full Version : Freedom of speech in the MURC ? This is a farce !

27th October 2001, 08:12
You all know what I mean ! This is a sad day ...

MK :(

P.S.: How long does it take until this thread gets deleted ?

27th October 2001, 08:19
The already have a thread like this on the soap box the forum where this should have been posted in as well so I see no reason why this thread should not be deleted!

27th October 2001, 08:29
Then it shouldn't take long before this thread gets deleted ;)

27th October 2001, 08:34
You will have to bear with me because I frequently play the Devils Advocate, but has the originators of the deleted threads complained? If so show me their sign of dissent.
However I do admit that there has been strange things afoot here recently but I am not sure if this has been against freedom of speech.

regards MD

ps this should be in the soapbox forum

27th October 2001, 08:57
First: As noted above, there is already a thread in the Soap Box forum, where I made my position quite clear:

Second: When you registered to use these forums, you agreed to certain terms. The last line of those terms, just above the "agree" button states:
"The owners of MURC Forums have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason."

Third: If you have a problem with the way I do things, post about it in the Site Feedback forum, or go crying to Ant (like you have in the past), or have the balls to e-mail or PM me with your complaint (which you have never done).

Fourth: This thread has nothing to do with Matrox Hardware, therefore it will now be closed.