View Full Version : big delay on second screen

27th October 2001, 01:56
I'm having big troubles using the CLONE option on my matrox 450DH. I've connected my (PAL) TV on the second connector and try to play a DivX with MicroDvd. I cannot use the DvDMax option because my subtitles won't display then (it is not part of the overlay). The cloning option is suitable for this, but the strange thing is that the second monitor drops half of the frames while the first monitor is playing smoothly. How is this possible? I tried to lower the resolution from 1024x768@85 to 800x600@60 but with no improvments.

I'm using the latest drivers (5.72 on a Win2k server machine Athlon 800 TB).


ps. I also flashed the matrox BIOS with the latest version...