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Dr Mordrid
25th October 2001, 00:09
A while back I posted on this active camoflage that is akin to that used by the alien in "Predator". I recently found some more links of interest.

One is on this page which is the Justice Technology Information Network (circa 1996):


Metamorphic camouflage.

Metamorphic camouflage
uses chemicals, heat, and light to change color.
It can be used on clothing, for example, so that
the clothing takes on the appearance of the bush
a person is hiding in.

Active camouflage.

Using sensors, this creates
the illusion of invisibility. Day or night,
active camouflage could be used to conceal a
vehicle; it will have the appearance of a heat

One link I can't get into because of a "Forbidden" message has a summary that reads;

Active Camoflage I: Consisting of a generic camoflage pattern, these vehicles are equipped with large, interlocking, color-shifting panels. While the ...

and what NASA has to say on it;


After reading the full NASA/JPL support packge for this brief it's obvious things are getting interesting on this front. They're talking not only visually "erasing" personnel but entire ships at sea and aircraft.

The "Philidelphia Experiment" lives :D

Dr. Mordrid

25th October 2001, 02:04
I don't really know how the adaptive camo would be effective from anything but long distance. The panelling would have to choose what angle it would expect to be observed at, or you'd be visibly offset from your background. Triangulation should find this hidden target.

And unlike airborne objects, you would generally expect the object to be between yourself and a landscape or object on the opposite side. This would look odd to a laser range finder, or possibly active radar. I don't know what kind of passive radar might work on it.

And I'd like to hear a good theory for metamorphic camo other than massive gravity manipulation. If anybody has this technology, it's under close guard. But it could be the same tech that they use for the latest "black" projects, where ground observers have seen/recorded flying objects that can change velocity and direction in ways that standard aircraft can't. I have a couple friends that are strong believers in "zero-point energy" effects, such as momentum-reduction.

Dr Mordrid
25th October 2001, 05:57
Fine grain fiberoptics or active panels sound like the way to go. One of the links eventually lands on a patent for the latter and fiberoptic uniforms havebeen in the works since '92.

From info broadcast on the Discovery channel the version under development for personnel is useful from 20 yards out. All one sees is a slight waviness akin to heat distortion.

Dr. Mordrid