View Full Version : Couple SCSI devices and cards gotta go

24th October 2001, 08:56
I've recently upgraded (in the last several months) to using firewire replacements for these, so I don't use SCSI any more, and since they're not the newest items on the block, I'll let them go cheap:

1) MicroTek ScanMaker E3 SCSI w/included Adaptec ISA SCSI adapter and cable. The scanner has a legal-sized flatbed.
$30 (+ shipping)

2) Adaptec 2940UW PCI busmaster SCSI host adapter (and all the cables of various types, mostly external, that I used with it)
$30 (+ shipping)

3) Yamaha 4416S SCSI CDRW, 4x write, 4x rewrite, 16x read, SCSI 2. I'll be throwing in the SUN external case (used/slightly abused, but working fine) that I had the drive in when I last used it, along with the internal and external cables for it.
$30 (+ shipping)

Note to anyone interested, the 2940UW was used for both devices on my PC, so if you decide you want it all, the cables to connect everything (with the drive mounting internally or in the SUN external case) will be with it. If anyone does decide that they're interested, I'll take $60 for everything (+ shipping of course). After all, I do realize these are no longer top of the line components (though all still work).

Send me an e-mail to wimerj@ameritech.net if you wanna talk about it, or post here.