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23rd October 2001, 22:54
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DrP, mdhome, nehalmistry, Terrafin

Just noticed something small and silly! But the totals for online members doesnt seem to add up..

regards MD

23rd October 2001, 23:21
In your profile you can choose not to be visible in the user list, but you are still counted as logged in.


24th October 2001, 03:12
That explains it:)

regards MD

24th October 2001, 04:06
But I can still see you even if you are invisible, so much for "I'm never coming back to this forum" yes you, you know who I'm taking about ;)

24th October 2001, 08:47
Lambf*cker! hehe

Dude since your still hangin out let me tell you one little thing... the day after you decided to slam me was when I was to get the rest of the parts so I could tidy up that review and supply U with pretty pics... Oh did you hear that... must be you head being flushed again

What a putz

24th October 2001, 10:05
So why did you decide to go stealth lately Mike?

24th October 2001, 10:28
Because my priorities have changed a bit... and to shut up little whiners

24th October 2001, 12:04
At least Ant could always put up a list of invisible users, so we wouldn't be so invisible anymore ;)


24th October 2001, 12:40
Greebe's gone silent running so you'll never be sure just when he's gonna jump out and bite yer ass ;)

24th October 2001, 12:40
I kinda like being visible... because I'm usually at the begining of the list http://forums.murc.ws/images/icons/icon10.gif