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22nd October 2001, 16:58
How/Why did you guys choose your MURC user name? Mine is based on a pop3 account that I managed to screw up whilst signing up with a local ISP several years ago. I no longer use the ISP but I kept the name.

regards MD

22nd October 2001, 17:15
The guys in the Gaming forum know my story already but here you go.

In Unreal Tournament when you kill someone it tells you who killed you. It says "You were killed by _______"

I always thought it was funny for it to say "You were killed by Kindness!"

The name kind of stuck with me and here I am :).

edit: What the heck is a "Currie". Is it a UK thing?

22nd October 2001, 17:18
Because it is my name. :D Now my online gaming name is Dragon[MU/BB]. Dragon because I like Dragons, MU=Matrox User and BB=BetaBoyz :D

Joel :D

22nd October 2001, 17:21
chuck jolley

22nd October 2001, 17:23
I use my user name as a nickname in mIRC it means shovel in english, don't know quite why i choose it just happend :rolleyes:

22nd October 2001, 17:31
Back in the late 80s and early 90s I used to race 1/10 scale electric RCs (before all my $$ started to go to raising 2 kids). I had more invested in my racers than all the PCs I've owned put together.
I was sponsored by a local track, and raced at all the different tracks in town, and was pretty darn good at it (I have a box full of trophies and ribbons around here somewhere).
Anyway, one of the track announcers liked assigning racer names to all the guys. We had Jumpin Jim V., Dyno Paul D., and many others. The name I got tagged with was Kruzin Kenny, and it has just stuck ever since (I still hang out with some of my old racin pals, and they still call me Kruzin).

22nd October 2001, 17:35
Sony... Bony!

Hi Sony, how's it hangin'?

Frtznch grbble SONY... GURM? Ffffftph!

- Gurm

22nd October 2001, 17:46
New Helvitia was a town very near where I was born(Sacramento, CA). I thought for a long while that it was New Helevitia so I started using Helevitia. I used it for a long time before I found out I was wrong :) So that's it!

Dave :)

22nd October 2001, 17:59
I needed a name for BBS's. I came up with this one after one of my friends had told a few storytales about the "small furry mammal of ill repute."

22nd October 2001, 18:04
Curry is defintly a Uk thing.. My friends in yorkshire go out and get drunk and go get a curry afterwards. one of them is coming to visit in December he said he would teach me how to cook one. i'll let ya know how good it is ;)

I got my name cos in school my nickname was Lizzard. and the [MPE] came from my Ut clan the Mad Penguin Empire. so my Ut name is Lizzard[MPE].. i choose it cos most people don't think i'm a girl when i play and that helps so the little shits that are 13yrs old don't gang up and come looking for me :)

22nd October 2001, 18:27
I thought curry was a kind of food, with beans in it...

Alec comes from an Entombed (swedish metal band) song, which is called "Smart Alec". Also, my name is Alexandre, so it makes some sense.

22nd October 2001, 18:43
I got mine because that's always been my nic. My last name is Ragsdale, and people just call me Rags.


22nd October 2001, 18:59
Albuquerque + Paul + Mahl = ALBPM

Curry is a spice or a blend of spices used in India and throughout Southeast Asia. My favorite are the Curry dishes from Thailand.


22nd October 2001, 19:09
My favorite are the Curry dishes from Thailand.

Yeah, Thai dishes are great. #16 is my favorite. :D

22nd October 2001, 19:45
I got mine from my Car I own. I have a 1998 Mustang GT and when I signed up for my first email account, I wanted to use 98GT@exit109.com, but due to Unix limitations I had to use GT98 instead...


The Rock
22nd October 2001, 20:45
I obviously put a lot less thought into this than you people. :) I HATE professional wrestling, but The Rock used to make me laugh to no end. If all pro wrestling was was grown men acting like morons insulting each other, and there was no actual "wrestling" involved, I'd probably watch it just to hear all the silly insults. :)

Anyhoo, when I chose this nick, my plan was to become better at UT than all the annoying little 13-year-olds that were the bane of my existence at the time. Using The Rock as a nick ensured that I could get on their wee little nerves by taunting them with things like "can you smell what the Rock is cookin?". :) Pitifully, I stunk so bad at UT (and still stink) that this dream never became a reality. :) Now, I just don't care what nick I use, and tend to use my real name on newer forums.


22nd October 2001, 20:58
I like # 8 or the Monday Lunch Buffet. Green Curry and Chicken. Wednesday is good too.. Red Curry and Chicken.

I know....Don't even ask me why there are no cats and dogs in the neighborhood.....DOH!!!!


22nd October 2001, 22:37
My user name was recommended by my first ISP in 1994. Apparently, "Paul" was already taken. Dull, huh?

My first Internet experiences were a complete disaster, by the way. I logged on for the first time and was confronted by this ugly green UNIX interface. I didn't know from UNIX, and got nowhere for about a week. After entering a command and making a typo, I'd hit the backspace button, and a bunch of characters would pop up. (I think the only browser available at the time may have been something called "Internet in a Box," although it may not have been out yet.) It was definitely pre-Netscape. Finally, I got to some ARCHIE or GOPHER menu. There weren't any options for anime or porn, so I gave up. :)

(OK, this next part is embarrassing, so don't tell anyone.)

Much to my eternal embarrassment, I would eventually pick up an account with AOL, and racked up close to $400.00 in charges in one month -- and I still hadn't found the porn! So much for that! I would eventually get my hands on Netscape 1.0 (I think), got myself a real ISP with a really unreliable email account. I would maintain two separate email accounts, so people could send me messages to one and "cc" me on the other. Between the two of them, I think I got most of my messages.


22nd October 2001, 22:41
Mines boring, its just my initials D.S.P unlike some of the other interesting usernames around here.


22nd October 2001, 22:48
I'm another boring one. I joined this place before I got any creativity in my usernames.

agallag = Andrew Gallagher

Fun eh?

I have a few others I use in various places. At some boards I'm Wonko42, which is a bit of tribute to Douglas Adams. On Counter Strike I'm JoeyJoJoJrShabadoo, which was from an episode of the simpsons...:D

22nd October 2001, 22:53
Originally posted by agallag
I'm another boring one. I joined this place before I got any creativity in my usernames.

agallag = Andrew Gallagher

Fun eh?

I have a few others I use in various places. At some boards I'm Wonko42, which is a bit of tribute to Douglas Adams. On Counter Strike I'm JoeyJoJoJrShabadoo, which was from an episode of the simpsons...:D
So YOU are Wonko!!!! I am going to go over and stomp you now!!!!



Dr Mordrid
23rd October 2001, 01:04
I got the nickname "Doc" in college because of my habit of blowing the curve on anatomy exams. A friend later saw a flick about a sorcerer named "Dr. Mordrid" and started calling me that on his BBS. It stuck bigtime (as if I had a choice) and I started using it as a handle soon after.

Dr. Mordrid

23rd October 2001, 01:30
Hati is the nickname I received when I was only a few weeks old (back in 1958 :o ).
Still a lot of people keep calling me Hati - not Gerhard, my 'real' first name.

Fat Tone
23rd October 2001, 01:44
Well, my first name is Tony, and my second name is, well, you probably get the idea!


I might regret this, but anyone care to invent a nick for me? (please don't be too rude :p )

23rd October 2001, 04:32
OK, this is bugging me.

Liz said "My friends in yorkshire go out and get drunk and go get a curry afterwards" I know that they don't have a few beers and then go out and have a big bowl of a Middle Eastern spice.

Once more I ask: What is a CURRY!!! :)

23rd October 2001, 04:41

Vindaloo is my favourite :)

Chris Blake
23rd October 2001, 04:44

A CURRY is a generic term for of dish of Indian/Bangladesi origin from a takeaway or restaurant (usually with flock wallpaper). They’re usually spicy but can be quite mild, the “Korma” being a the low end of the heat scale and the Vindaloo being a the hot end.

We Brits are rather partial to them, usually after lots of beer.

23rd October 2001, 04:50
Well.. It's my first name, that's all. :D
I do have another handle though: DJhairbear (don't ask) ;)

23rd October 2001, 05:11
The PIT came from the flame wars between the beta boys and the rest of murc. I thought this is the pits so I called myself The PIT.
Curry is a British self inflicted torture. Basically you do this. Get drunk find a Curry house and make sure the curry is very Hot. Eat loads of it throw up and go to bed. The next day you wake up have the shits and walk around looking ill. After the weekend you go to work and tell your mates what a shitting good weekend you had. Can't see the point myself. :D :D :D

23rd October 2001, 06:16
Because I really like the game.

23rd October 2001, 06:32
Mine goes back to the days when you could only enter three letters into a high score table on arcade games, the first three letters of my surname are TAY which didn't sound too good so I replaced the Y with a Z which sounded better. So not after the cartoon character as most people imagine :p

23rd October 2001, 06:39
Mine is a play on my name that my sister actually gave me a long, long time ago in a computer Yahtzee game far away. We were typing in our player names and I decided to call my brother, Thomas, Thomstone (a play on tombstone). My sister typed in mine as Jamrock (keeping the theme of the first part of your name plus some type of stone). I thought it sounded pretty cool, so I tagged on an extra 'M' and my computer/Internet handle has been Jammrock ever since.


23rd October 2001, 06:43
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.....

23rd October 2001, 07:09
I chose mine because i`m a big fan of the X-Men, my fav character being Wolverine, but there were lots of Wolverines out there. So i chose omegaRED, another character from the X-Men, because a friend of mine used to kick the shit out of me playing with Omega Red in Marvel vs. StreetFighter on Sony PS. Also i like the meaning of omega (The End) :)

BTW my first nick was XuX. No real meaning there. :)

23rd October 2001, 08:24
I'll leave the name to your imagination....it'll probably be more interesting than the story behind it. :p

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......curry. My roommate is Indian...like, ya know, from India. His mom makes the bomb-ass chicken curry and nan....good stuff. Not to mention the other great dishes she makes.

In Germany I used to get curry ketchup for my fries, made with yellow curry....good stuff.

There be some very good Thai dishes with curry, too, as has been mentioned.


[Edit: added smiley for dramatic effect.... :)]

Chris Blake
23rd October 2001, 08:58
Mmmmmm curry... poppadoms... pickle tray... mango chicken... pilau rice... keema naan bread...

Hey! I haven't had any lunch yet... :)

Fat Tone
23rd October 2001, 09:12
Perhaps all of us UK MURCers could meet up for a curry somewhere (there may be the odd restaurant or two in Leicester;)

We could set up a web cam and then the rest of the Murcers could watch :D


23rd October 2001, 12:47
Originally posted by Tony Andrews
Perhaps all of us UK MURCers could meet up for a curry somewhere (there may be the odd restaurant or two in Leicester;)

We could set up a web cam and then the rest of the Murcers could watch :D


Tony, sounds like a excellent idea, especially as Leciester should be only a hour or so by train from MK. Saying that me and some of the IBM chaps working at BP are going on one of their leaving do's tomorrow lunchtime at an Indian *eat as much as you want for £5.99* place called Chillies. Unfortunately they dont sell anything too hot. Certainly no Madras's or Vindaloo's though they do something similar to a Jalfrezi (or should that be a Smoking Joe Frasier). At least toilet time wont be painfull:o

23rd October 2001, 13:06
Some people use to call me Amirale (which translates into Admiral!). Has something to do with my last name.

23rd October 2001, 13:36
Hunsow is a legendary dutch city that was destroyed by the vikings, well not really it's just a legend. But if it existed at all it would have been close to where I live. I needed a quake2 online player name and I thought this name would be sort of fitting, nice short original and related to battle. Since then I use it for everything, although lately it has evolved to Hunzy.

And I could have sworn that agallag was gallaga reversed, the arcade game? (But apparently me stupid and cannot spell :o )

23rd October 2001, 13:39
Actually Hunzy, Galaga is with one 'l'.

23rd October 2001, 13:50
Like with many other mine is a "relict" of older times. In the "good old" C=64 days I used to type "Indiana Jones", "Boris Becker" or "Bill Gates" in the highscore lists of all those pirated :eek: games. Somehow I stayed with "Indiana Jones", "Indiana" or simply "Indy" (whatever is still unused).
Just a lack of imagination, really....

23rd October 2001, 13:55
wulfman.... from a game of course, might had been jetfighter I - used it in games, later internet games - and finally everywhere online...

I realised too late that they spelt it wrong in the game, played it in my "pre-english-speaking" time.


23rd October 2001, 14:12
Ovi is a short form of my name- Ovais. Everyone at home calls me Ovi, and now increasingly all my friends are doing the same, since Ovais is a little difficult to pronounce! :)
Kindness: Simply put, Curry is a heavily spiced sauce or relish made with curry powder and eaten with rice, meat, fish, or other food, here curry powder is a condiment used for making curry, formed of various materials, including strong spices, as pepper, ginger, garlic, coriander seed, etc. Primarily of Indian origin.

23rd October 2001, 15:16
The terminology threw me. When you refer to it as “a curry” I thought it was something like an ice cream or something (a single item). I didn’t know that it was a whole genre of food.

Here in our area after a full night of partying we use to go to the “Waffle House” (yes that’s the name of the place). They are open 24 hours and serve greasy breakfast type foods. Any other time it is pretty gross, but I can’t for the life of me understand why it tastes so good at 3am after one of those nights. :)

23rd October 2001, 15:22
I am so with you on that kindness. haha. I've never went to the waffle house sober. and denny's for that matter ;)

23rd October 2001, 15:38
I found a recipe for making Green or Red Thai curry paste.

Curry Paste (http://www.corriander.co.uk/)

Hmmmm... If I used habaneros it would be "Orange"


23rd October 2001, 17:33
RedRed.... Well....

Years ago in video arcades (real ones with Tempest ;) and Galaxians) I used to be pretty good and could often have 5 or 6 of the top scores on particular machines. In those days you could only enter a three letter sig. most of the little feckers who went to the arcades would put up paramilitary initials - UVF/UDA/IRA etc.. I wouldnt. I didnt want to put up my initials (FJ) (Finbar Jennings), cos that might identify me as a Catholic, and likely to get me a kickin. So I would put up RED (cos it was meaningless), but my friends would know who it was. When I went online, my ISP wouldnt accept a 3 letter username, so I did RedRed....

I have never changed it.

Curries are the nicest foods in the world! They are so easy and quick to make yourself. Get yourself some chicken/beef/or best get some lamb. Pan fry it (with a couple of onions) just enough to seal it (Dont cook it through).

Add some (for hot, ad lots) of Garlic, Cinnamon, Cuminn (Ground), coriander, lemon juice, Chilli powder (lots, to taste), pepper and just about anything else you have in the larder (I love loads of shredded spinish! (Its called Sagg in Indian dishes))

You will want some Coconut Cream (for Thai) or Cows cream or even milk(for Indian curries) You can add some HOT whole chillies to this as well.... (Un the UK, you can buy 'curry powder', which has these in them as well..... stew the lot for 20 minutes & serve with rice (boiled).

If you can get lots of Nann bread (a sort of flat pizza base sort of thing), great. One think you must have to get that Authentic taste of Indian in your gullet is to consume at least 3 750 ML bottles of COBRA - indian beer! (5% too, if i remember!)

The beauty of this recipie is that even though this make for a poor 'student grade' (Also known as Toxic Waste!) curry, the 3X750 ML of COBRA makes it all authentic!!!

Take Care

23rd October 2001, 17:36

Thanks for the link.... Just followed it..... lookin good (but it might have warned to remove the chillie seeds first! - I just ruined my first batch!!! it took the mouth off me!!!!





23rd October 2001, 18:30
So, you are RedRed from the chillies right now.....LOL

I've tried the various Indian Curries but my favorite is the Thai version. I can usually find the Green and red Curry paste so haven't tried to make my own yet.

My favorite is chicken in Red curry "Gaeng Phed Gai"

Here's a link to a recipe

I usually make a much larger quantity. 4 cans of coconut milk, brown sugar instead of palm sugar lemon grass and lots of fresh basil which I now grow at home. I also use Jalepenos and Habaneros
instead of the Thai peppers most of the time which are homegrown.



23rd October 2001, 18:36
Hehehhe... cool picture ALBPM! I guess you stick that Orb on your tongue after eating that bunch of evil vegetables?
And Alpha is for ... nevermind! :D

As for the nick, it's a derivative of my first name (Goran), so I guess I wasn't quite original, eh? :)

23rd October 2001, 19:45
The terminology threw me. When you refer to it as ?a curry? I thought it was something like an ice cream or something (a single item). I didn?t know that it was a whole genre of food.

That's just idiomatic British grammer for you, kindness. ;)

RedRed, here all along I was imagining you as a communist with red hair. ;)

23rd October 2001, 20:44
but i want a lizard rug too.. :(

24th October 2001, 05:14
I chose my username because erm I'm a giant ant.

A friend of mine likes a couple of things when he gets drunk, falling asleep and eating. The last night out we had he went missing, we found him later in a near by curry house, asleep with his face in a large plate of curry. It stained one side of his face yellow, took him days to get rid of it :)

Fat Tone
24th October 2001, 05:22
LoL :D

Just imagine what that stuff does to your insides!

Electric Amish
24th October 2001, 08:51
Enough said. ;) (http://electricamish.com)

amish :D

Dr Mordrid
24th October 2001, 08:58
No problemo.....

Erik, my 3 year old son, and I eat Habenjero peppers by the handfull all the time. Point of reference: they are 100-150 times hotter than Jalapeno peppers. Erik even likes them on his ice cream :eek:

Drives the wife crazy as her stomach can't even handle sweet green peppers :)

Dr. Mordrid

24th October 2001, 11:51
I've never had habaneros, but I ate a serrano one time.....or should I say, a paper-thin slice of a serrano :rolleyes:....mighty tasty, but I've never felt pain like that from eating anything in my life....it felt like I had a huge cut in my mouth or something :(.....too hot, but tasty.

I'm curious to try habaneros now.....I knew a guy who ate something that had been pickled in habanero sauce before....he wasn't too happy when he ate it. Just like he wasn't too happy when he ate a spoonfull of wasabi (after being told it was green tea ice cream....and a few bottles of sake). :D


24th October 2001, 12:43
On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hottest, Habaneros are a 10... with Scotch Bonnet's being a 9-10. These are the two hottest peppers on earth.

BTW have plenty of BEER on hand... it's the best liquid coolent for these peppers!

24th October 2001, 12:56
It's a Bolivian Rainbow tree and u can get them here....


24th October 2001, 12:57

24th October 2001, 12:58

haha oppps.. i forgot to attatch the pic ho well. i attached enough

Dr Mordrid
24th October 2001, 14:18
http://DigitalVideo.8m.net/habanero.jpg http://DigitalVideo.8m.net/habaneroindex.gif

Botanically speaking the Habanero, Scots Bonnet and Scotch Bonnet are all the same species, C. chinese, but not the same cultivar. Still they share their basic traits in that they have a fruity taste in addition to blinding heat.

Pictured above is the hottest of all, the Red Savina Habanero.

Most people when they first taste a Habanero pepper look like a cartoon character in that you see this red thermometer effect climbing from their chest & neck into their face and up to the top of their head. Then the tears flow and the steam starts coming out their ears :D

One way to quantify how hot a pepper is would be to determine its Scoville heat index. This was invented in the early 1900's by a pharmacist to measure the dilution of the peppers extract it would take to get to no burn in the mouth. These days the subjectiveness of a pure taste test is no more and gas chromatography is used to quantify the index.

The current scale is open ended, but some seed makers subdivide it in steps of 100,000 units with 1 = 100,000 Scoville, 2 =200,000 Scoville etc. with a maximum value of 10, which equals 1,000,000 Scoville units.

Scoville heat index in operation:

if someone took one of Greebes beer cans full of Habanero pepper extract and pouried it into a very large tub it would take 300,000 to 580,000 beers to get the "neutral" dilution. A Jalapeno pepper would take just 3,000 to 5,000 beers.

The variances in any given cultivars heat are largely due to the growing conditions. I know how to grow Red Savina Habaneros hot enough to make you cry :D

Dr. Mordrid

24th October 2001, 22:23
Hey DOC email me for my snail address. I want some seeds :D


26th October 2001, 02:50
You know: wasabi is vastly overrated imho. Once you get used to it (and that's pretty soon), you can eat as much as you like.

But if you're expecting something else, it can be a very big surprise indeed. :D

26th October 2001, 04:40
My first nick is cbman (First Initial - Last Initial - Gender) its simple and I can remember it easy.

My second nick was Damoury (The name was one of my favorite charcters out of a book I had read)

Not very inventive... but it works for me. :)

I was going to call myself smarternuthink or compwiz but I thought it too generic.

Dr Mordrid
26th October 2001, 06:22

You can order Red Savina seeds from Sheperds;


and sometimes you can find them in Walmarts garden department. They do best in a hothouse or outside if you have a long, hot growing season. Fertilize with a kelp & fish mix.

I concentrate their heat by limiting their water the last week or two before harvesting.

Dr. Mordrid

26th October 2001, 08:39
and here I thought cbman originated from a guy who likes to yokel on the CB radio! :D

26th October 2001, 08:57
Thanks for the LINK:D :D :D


26th October 2001, 21:06

I ordered seeds from Liz's Link on Wednesday evening and recieved them today. The company is just up the road a bit in Santa Fe.

peppers (http://store.yahoo.com/seedsofchange/chiles.html)

I ordered some of the Purple Peruvian. That will make a COOL looking salsa.....LOL


26th October 2001, 21:22
Hey Greebe...

I don't do much CB Radio stuff.... now marine VHF... sure...:)

I do have a friend that has a really rusted out beat up one ton pickup truck with a CB radio that he has hooked to a speaker in his grill and whenever I am walking downtown and he drives by all you can hear is... "Chuckie" (the Chuck part goes pretty quick but he takes and draws out the EEE for about a block and a half)

Its a little embarrassing :D

26th October 2001, 21:51
your welcome Paul :) :) :)

and Chuckeeeeeeeeee... thats embarassing and hilarious all in one. haha mostly hilarious

27th October 2001, 22:07
Interest in/and degree in Victorian history.

27th October 2001, 22:11
Ment to answer this the other day, but been busy...

Sasq - Sasquatch, if you've ever seen photos you would understand.

The other nick is yeti


27th October 2001, 22:27
We had a client who's account was named Furry1

Suppose that would have worked perfect for you Danny! hehe :)

28th October 2001, 09:21
Hey Sasq.

I'm a twin and my brothers Nick Name is Chia.... :D

Its nice being warm in the winter... summers at the beach suck though... :)

29th October 2001, 06:23
Biggest problem is here in summer, my ancestors come from the norhtern part of Scotland. Here is 35c in summer with 90%+ humidity.

The fur coating keeps me a tad too warm. :p


29th October 2001, 17:54
I have been thinking about asking this very question for a year or so, but I am a bit new to this whole concept, so I wasn't sure if it was a "taboo" or something. But I am glad that someone else did.

You all have interesting names, great stuff!

I chose mine to have a simple, easy, one syllable word. Also one that no one else would have. And I didn't want to have a name like Hawk, Ace, Talon, Killer etc. To generic. And I had hoped that I had a name that would instill respect in gaming, if I ever got good at one game. "Oh, crap, thats that Bohrn guy again, dammit!"

But, I'm not that great at any games yet :) Pretty good at Mech4 tho... People are starting to know me in that community. And I hope this one as well.

PS, what a HUGE thread! It grew as I read it. it was 4 pages when I first clicked on the topic, 5 half way thru, and 6 when I went to post :)

30th October 2001, 17:21
I like the Anime.


31st October 2001, 16:01
Old Nick. Middle name is Denton which is what childhood friends call me. The Cracker part comes from trying to create a mix equivalent to the big apple mixes, made popular by Frankie Crocker.

1st November 2001, 14:45
My nick is from the Movie "Terminator"

I first saw it on a crappy fourth generation VHS copy without swedish subtitles! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I got the spelling on the bar where Sara Connor first attacked wrong...

Technoir Became Technoid.... :o

And that sorta stuck... :eek:

6th November 2001, 09:31
My nickname is also pretty boring. Comes from an Anime series I liked a lot. Before this I was just Psycho, as I was always screwing with my friends minds. Interestingly, for the years I IRC'd, I got all sorts of variations on it, like Gen-Om, Gnomo and Genomerio, and some people told me it also meant meatballs in swedish I think.

6th November 2001, 14:20
Originally posted by Genom
My nickname is also pretty boring. Comes from an Anime series I liked a lot. Before this I was just Psycho, as I was always screwing with my friends minds. Interestingly, for the years I IRC'd, I got all sorts of variations on it, like Gen-Om, Gnomo and Genomerio, and some people told me it also meant meatballs in swedish I think.

Must have been an other language than swedish:

Meatballs = "Köttbullar"

8th November 2001, 22:11
When I signed up for MURC, I had just planned on upgrading my system from a lowly K6-2-350 to a TB1Gig w/ .5G RAM, 40GB RAID, and alot of other relatively high performance stuff. I wanted the fastest system I could get (for the money), you could almost say I was 'power hungry'.

Also I was running 5 systems in a room barely big enough for a bed, and all off a 20 amp breaker. I could not turn my TV on with all 5 systems as it would blow the breaker!:eek:

11th November 2001, 00:08
this thread was growing bigger and bigger even as i was looking at all the replies on curries ( i am a South Indian relocated to singapore. *grin* where u can get all the curries of the world).

Anyway my nickname came about when they wasnt any internet to speak of. Back in the BBS days, they were a lot of RPG Doorgames, I had a belly (due to dousing the flames in my stomach after some curry) and i opted to play as a ranger (a kind of warrior class) in one of them.

That ended up as Belwarrior and it stuck, i use it everywhere as it is unique as no one else is using it. i even recently had someone on icq me asking me whether i am the same guy from early 1990's BBSes.

11th November 2001, 10:21
I was trying to come up with a nick when this girl in my class said she could help me, after a minute of thinking she came up with "Novdid"

My real name is "Navid" and she thought it sounded good with "Novdid". I have been stuck using that nick ever since.

11th November 2001, 10:59
Belwarrior, what is your favorite Curry dish????

It seems that the "Curries" are a favorite among us MURCer's Worldwide.


11th November 2001, 11:11
I have never had a curry... but that is fine with me... Hot food doesn't go along too well with my Canadian Ice Belly... its used to frozen food... caught with my bare hands among the snowy wasteland. :D

Truthfully though... I had East Side Mario's Hells Kitchen Chicken Once and I nearly Blew a Gasket and Couldn't finish the plate... Hell even the Potatoes were too hot :eek:

11th November 2001, 13:01
LOL cbman! :D

12th November 2001, 09:09
Hello Paul,
I tend to favour Fish curries as they are more fuller ie, they are not only hot but rather have more character than chicken *grin*. Meaning you find more vegetables in Fish curries than other curries. Unripe mangos, lady's fingers, green chillies are commonly used in Fish curries. My favourite curry is the Sardine Fish Curry as it is a thicker gravy and along with the above mentioned veggies it also may contain potatoes and boiled eggs.

I have also tried some exotic curries you dont normally find nowadays such as Monitor Lizard, Crocodile, Wild Boar and Turkey and Goose. To tell the truth they all tasted a lot like chicken the only difference was the texture as the spiciness covered the rest.

:D ,

12th November 2001, 09:39
My name is patrick and I have a problem.

One (http://www.shireen.co.uk/) of my favorite curry houses.

I recently tried a pepper sauce/condiment. It was rated at 4 or 5 million Scovilles. - the hottest you can currently get.:eek:

I had ulcers in my mouth for a few days after.:rolleyes:

12th November 2001, 11:57

You actually pay to get those ulcers???

How the hell do they keep the business running???

Do people like to eat that???

The world is twisted indeed...

12th November 2001, 12:52
I've just looked at Shireen's menus and its making my mouth water. Looks like I'm on a curry binge this weekend :)

regards MD

12th November 2001, 13:35
I never understand why people like self torture. :D :D

12th November 2001, 14:26
To tell the truth they all tasted a lot like chicken the only difference was the texture as the spiciness covered the rest.

LOL....Bel !!!!!

Paul :D

12th November 2001, 14:35
You actually pay to get those ulcers

:o Oops! I should have made that bit more clear! The condiment didn't come from the Shireen. My mate had me taste some for a bet... :rolleyes:

mdhome: I'd recommend the Shashlick and the Jalfrezi (or however its spelt)

13th November 2001, 09:12
What was the name and make of the condiment?

regards MD

13th November 2001, 09:41
hmm... I can't remember off the top of my head...

Something or other '5 AM'

13th November 2001, 09:45
'Blair's 3AM Reserve'

I am looking for a URL

13th November 2001, 09:51
He game me www.deathsauces.com

13th November 2001, 11:55
How about "Dave's Insanity Sauce"? You have to love something where the label says "add one or two drops to flavor a pot of soup or stew", includes instructions on how to use the condiment to strip wax flooring, and how to use it to <B>remove stains from concrete</B>.

13th November 2001, 13:00
Originally posted by Wombat
... to strip wax flooring, and how to use it to remove stains from concrete.


Someone actually eats this? :D

13th November 2001, 13:27
Yeah, supposed to be pretty tasty stuff, but I haven't had the luxury of it gracing my palette yet.

I knew a guy where he and one roommate would clean, and the other two roommates were slobs. Everyone had their own plates and such. My friend got tired of cleaning up after the two slobs, so when the slobs' plates were left in the sink he would still clean them, but started to swab a little drop of Insanity Sauce on the plates when he put them in the cupboard.
When the slobs used their nice, clean plates, their food would take enough of the sauce to make it a spectator event.

13th November 2001, 15:05
Just found a reference on the internet.

One drop of 'Blair's 3AM Reserve' would turn your bum into a flame thrower (at least thats how a hot curry feels)

regards MD

14th November 2001, 07:06
Well, J1NG came about from my Chinese name, pronounced in Cantonese as "Yat Jing". "Yat" meaning first or <b>one</b>. "Jing" meaning good, just, correct (Yeah right :D). But obviously that having "Yat Jing" as a name sounded cack, so off went the "Yat" and in went the "1". Looking at the "1 Jing", I thought, why not ditch the i and go with a 1? So, "1 Jing" became "J1ng" But again, you can see half were in high case and the other half was in lower case, so I settled with all higher case latters and numbers, making my MURC handle of "<B>J1NG</B>". (Now was THAT a story or what? :D)

Anyway, some might also know me as "Qui-Gon J1NG", and I don't think I need to explain where <i>that</i> one came from. :)

(Just a side note, I'm actually registered on StarWars.com as "Qui-Gon J1NG", maybe I should ask a question sometime? :p :) )

15th November 2001, 03:47
cerb - short for Cerberus. In Greek Mythology Cerberus was the guardian to the gates of Hell. Thought it was a cool name for me in Quake. It stuck when I started posting on another forum, but I eventually shortened it to "cerb" (note - no capital. I like it without the capital. :) )

18th November 2001, 11:52
OK, I'm a little late to the party here, but.....
My nick came from playing softball many years ago. My last name is Imbesi and many of my teammates would pronounce it Imbeezi. Then it eventually got shortened to Beez and Beezer. Actually, I still play ball and have the name Beezer on my jersey.
This last summer one of my teammates came back from Hawaii with a T-shirt he bought at a local ice cream shop -- "Beezers Ice Cream". I love that shirt!:cool:

21st November 2001, 17:16
Mine comes from the military, every one uses your last name. On line I generally use Gyaq the useless everywhere but here. Gyaq came from the last name of the creator of DND. It was short and simple and my firends would know it was me. The useless part comes from my contribution to my team when playing CS. It also sounds like a cat hacking up a fur ball(gyaq, gyaq, splat). I like that.


22nd November 2001, 03:19
Lol :D