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21st October 2001, 07:20
I'm running Evolution under Mandrake 8.1, I've setup my POP accounts and selected to leave mail on the server as I need to also check from alternative locations. All seems to work fine, Evolution logs in and downloads mail and leaves it on the server. The problem is the next time I log in it downloads all the mail on the server even the ones it has already downloaded, so each time I check mail I get another copy of the emails I already have. Anyone use Evolution and have any ideas on this?

21st October 2001, 10:20
Actually this is not an Evolution problem I've tried a couple of other mail clients and they do the same thing. Still puzzled though as to how to fix it.

21st October 2001, 11:30
hmm, could be a mail server problem...

also check mail clients options and make sure it marks downloaded msgs as 'read'

21st October 2001, 18:27
Yep, use the "mark as read". However, POP wasn't really made for multi-site mail access. If your provider also supports IMAP, switch to that.

23rd October 2001, 12:15
FWIW, Evolution's IMAP support is really quite excellent in my experience.

27th October 2001, 07:30
This used to happen in windows too in the old days. Recently I have noticed that OE doesn't redownload old mail like it used to.