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19th October 2001, 07:37
went to the Tool concert last night... it was very very interesting.. they put on a very good show, i need sleep now.. Shit. im 40 minutes late for work.. Aghk

Dr Mordrid
19th October 2001, 09:51
Concerting on a THURSDAY??

When I was your age I'd party hardy 'til Sunday night, but I'd still wait for Friday to start ;)

Dr. Mordrid

19th October 2001, 10:15
Tool is great in concert, all songs are awsom live! ;)

19th October 2001, 10:15
When I was at her age I went out on wednesday (there was a club where every drink only cost 1DM =~50cent...), thursday, friday and saturday - and still could get up early in the morning.
No way I could manage this nowadays, maybe at one day during the working week, yes, but more would absolutely kill me.
Guess that's the magic 30 coming near.... (but then I'm still going out on most fridays and saturdays)

19th October 2001, 10:20
more sleep?


funny to read that after THAT week...


19th October 2001, 10:30
Wehave no choice of what days we can go to concerts :) , no one comes to Louisville anymore. We usually have to drive to Cinncinnati, Detroit, Chicago or St. louis for concerts. Just happened that Tool added us to there list this year! woohoo!

and yes they were excellent live!

now, i want to go see Coldplay.. Stereophonics.. Badly Drawn boy.. Deftones.. Linkin park.. and Gomez.. don't think that'll happen this year :( oh well.

and Magic 30??? hehehe.. I went with all my boyzzzz.... .. a 28 yearold , a 31 year old... a 34 year old (exboyfriend).. and a 22 year old (ex roommate).. haha anythings possible :D

19th October 2001, 10:34
Ok it was my fault, I'll except full responciblity... had Lizzy lookin at digicams late late lastnight... like the Olympus E10

Maybe I should have said...


hehe :D

19th October 2001, 10:45
Huh I'm getting old can't party during the week anymore. I remember the days coming home with the sun coming up a half hour kip a quick wash and back to work with no hangover.

19th October 2001, 11:00
yes you should have Greebster.

Next time. i expect a bitchin' on a work night :D

19th October 2001, 11:22
I will see them Nov. 3rd. Fortunately it is on a Saturday night as I am too old to stay out late :) I always wanted to see Tool but the always sellout to quick. My buddy won tickets on the local radio station, guess who he's taking :D


19th October 2001, 12:25
well u will enjoy it! it's 2nd best in my concerts i've been too. well, it's probably the best show i've been too, but my favorite was seeing SunnyDayRealestate at Bogarts in Cincinnati. And thats cos i was standing up front in the first row and i really loved that band.. oh well. they've split up before maybe they'll get back together again.. probably not though :(

and lizzie comes home for lunch to sleep.... and her brother-in-law decides to mow her grass. aghhhhhhhhh :( :rolleyes:

19th October 2001, 13:01
take the spark plug and drop it down the storm drain. And put water in the gas.

and if it is electric, turn off the main power breaker, you don't need power if you want to sleep anyway. :)

19th October 2001, 18:49
I think sleep is overrated, although I have trouble avoiding it.

Caffeine, on the other hand, could not be rated higher, and I've noticed I've developed a mild dependency on coffee. As much as I enjoy coffee, I think I need a more efficient delivery system. :eek:

(So, do you think the :eek: smiley gets across the concept of receiving a dose of caffeine through some sort of novel, creative method? Or would :p be better?)


19th October 2001, 20:31
Bohrn ..lol... i only had an hour for lunch.. but i did get a good 10 mins in there at the end, thank god i live .5 of a mile from work. and i do have a freshly mowed lawn which i guess is a bonus for my lack of sleep..

and Paul.. maybe you can develop some kind of a coffee hat that has an attatched Iv straight to your veins.. hmm.. maybe not

19th October 2001, 21:26
My wife said she wouldn't be suprised if I was taking Pure Caffiene Suppositories to make it seem like I wasn't so dependant on it... LOL

19th October 2001, 23:13
Now THAT´S a great band. Have you listened carefully to Lateralis? It´s amazing to say the least... that band is unique. One of my favourites.

I´ve already seen Deftones live, they´re very nice. Also Limp Bizkit in the same concert (arrghh). Just saw Biohazard a couple of weeks ago.

...and for the metallers out there, I´ve seen live (ages ago):

Paradise Lost
Metallica (twice)
Corrosion of Conformity
My Dying Bride
Iron Maiden
Suicidal Tendencies
Machine Head
Pungent Stench
Brutal Truth
Ratos do Porão
Napalm Death
Cradle of Filth

Someone in this area here?

19th October 2001, 23:43
What no Judas Priest? What a concert that was!!!

I remember being at the front of the stage, smokin' a big one :p , throwing it on stage, and seeing Rob Halford pick it up and pass it to Scott Travis the drummer who went into an amazing solo!!!

This was at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Maine, what a night! We played quarters with full bottles of Lowenbraw(spelling?)

Then there was Ozzy Ozborne.......First concert was cancelled due to snow, we stayed in a motel that night partying with a few other stranded castaways ;) and woke up to see only 3" of antennas from cars sticking out of the snow! We were stuck there for three days!

I don't remember much about the night that the concert was finally made up on, many beers :confused:

19th October 2001, 23:54
Durango.. you've just made me realize that i haven't lived yet lol

20th October 2001, 00:01
I haven't gone to tons of concerts, but they've almost always been a good time.

Ben Folds Five (2x)
Marilyn Manson
Tori Amos (2x)
Skalars ( a bunch)
MU-330 (with the Blue Meanies opening) (2x)
Warped 2000 and '01 (dozens of band names omitted)
Paul Simon & Bob Dylan (yes, together)
Gravity Kills
A couple performances of the SLSO
Blink 182 (hey, it was free, and I was really there to see MxPx, who opened)
MxPx (see above)
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Depeche Mode (Poe opened)
Hootie & the Blowfish (I admit it, but it was like 6 years ago)

The Marilyn Manson show was a real kick. It was during the Antichrist tour, and I caught the tour on Halloween night. We got kept out for a few hours because of a bomb threat, and it got pretty cold on the boardwalk. Once we got in, the whole thing was a blast. Helmet opened (they suck live), and so did NY Loose.

One of these days I'll catch BBVD when they come around.

20th October 2001, 00:14
ooh.. i soo wanna see Moby live.. and Tori, i got invited to see her in Florida this month but couldn't afford the trip :(

I have a few videos of Tori in concert and a surprise visit from Maynard and they sang together, pretty kewl :)

Tricky opened for tool in Louisville. Can't say we showed up early.

Get this.. And believe me it's SAD.. haha 1st concert I was MADE to go to .. haha I'm so embarrassed to say.. Milli Vanilli.. Ouch.. did i just admit that? thank God, my music preference changed ;) or i would be waiting inline to see a band like "Dream" .. haha no that's a lie.. that would never happen.. haha did i just say they were actually a band.. haha whoops i take that back :o

20th October 2001, 00:39
Don't feel too bad about not seeing Moby live. Yes, it was a good show. But I went in there hoping to hear some new material, or improvisation, or something unique. I got a really good live rendition of stuff I probably could have heard on a remix CD. Friends of mine saw him on his next tour and felt about the same way.

In his defense, he's a really cool guy. When we were leaving the concert, my friends and I walked past this guy who was just standing there drinking some water, and it clicked. "Wait, that was Moby." So we stopped and talked to him for a while. I got my friends' picture with him. He signed a copy of Play for us.

Then a guy came up: "I'm like your biggest fan! I've been following you since the club scene, 18 years ago."
Moby: "Wow, that's impressive, since I didn't start playing anything until about 16 years ago."

Moby then went on to just talking to other people about whatever they wanted to ask. Autographs, etc.

Tricky, now that would be interesting. I really like Maxinquaye, the latter stuff less so.

We'll see how the new Massive Attack is. I think Mezzanine is one of the best albums ever, but one of the band members left b/c he was disappointed with it. The word is that MA is working with David Bowie. That has potential.

20th October 2001, 00:41
Talking of all these concerts is bringing back lots of memories. I have been to so many I lost count. Before I make a list, there are two bands I must mention that are amazing in concert. First off is GWAR! There music isn't the best but the theatrical show is amazing! Please, if they are in your town, go see them, it is worth every penny. Just for info sake, they sing punk style music. Secondly, I've seen Ozzy twice and his second show was stunning! He is the god of metal. Here is the list:

Metallica(5 times)
Iron Maiden
Bon Jovi(oh my god! the chicks at this show!)
Machine Head
Pearl Jam
Rage against the Machine
Alice In Chains
Van Halen
Scorpians(chicks were amazing here too!)
White Zombie
Misfits(awesome show!)
Death Angel

man, I can't think right now. I have seen hundreds of bands. I am deaf because of it. If you are reading this adn new to concerts, wear ear plugs!

Wombat, if you are reading this, sorry about earlier, my ISP is very flaky and I can't log on to the zone. I had to bail out of the game half way :(


20th October 2001, 00:46
And don't worry, seeing Milli Vanilli doesn't count as a concert. More of a "listening".

Dr Mordrid
20th October 2001, 01:19
Gawd, am I going to date myself with my concert list;

Led Zeppelin (3x)
Rolling Stones (2x)
Ozzie Osborne (Lots incl. OzzFest)
Aerosmith (2x)
Bill Haley and the Comets
Booker T & the MG's
Beach Boys
Sam & Dave
Everly Brothers
Allman Brothers
Lynard Skynard
Bee Gees
The Four Seasons
The Four Tops
Mama's & Papa's
Ike & Tina Turner Review
Stone Temple Pilots
Deep Purple
Steve Miller Band (several)
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
ZZ Top

Eric Clapton
Ray Charles
Roy Orbison
Chuck Berry
Little Richard
George Thorogood
Arlo Guthrie Sr. & Jr.
Meat Loaf (post Mountain)
Alice Cooper (3-4x)
Jeff Beck (lost count)
Celine Dion
Gordon Lightfoot
Jerry Lee Lewis
Sam Cooke
Neil Diamond
Tina Turner (post Ike)
Joe Tex
Marvin Gaye

and a few dozen others.

Dr. Mordrid

Fat Tone
20th October 2001, 02:22
Hey Doc - a list where I can actually recognise >90% :) Must have been great times. Were you a roadie or something?

Dr Mordrid
20th October 2001, 10:15
Not really. I'm just really old and EVERYONE comes to Detroit ;)

You wouldn't believe the concerts that have been here over the years at places like the Palace, Silverdome, Cobo Arena, Meadowbrook or Pine Knob. Sometimes it's a pain having so many major arenas though because there would be major acts at ALL of 'em on the same night, esp. in the summer.

I did travel to NYC, Toronto or Chicago for a few concerts though.

One great forum in years past was the East Town Theater. It was a rock theater in days gone by that would have shows on a Sat. night you just flat wouldn't believe now.

Back when they were just starting their careers you cold go and see Alice Cooper, Mountain and Elton John ON THE SAME NIGHT.

I'm also one of those lucky enough to have actually been at Max Yazgers farm in the summer of 1969.

Let's see how many youngsters understand that reference :D

Dr. Mordrid

20th October 2001, 16:26

Your list of concerts looks my my Vynl collection!!!!!!

I wish I had seen Led Zep, though,

Mordrid:..... 3 times! ouch....

I dont think they played Ireland.... <snif>

Very few did when I went to gigs......

And Lynard Skynard - gawd.... I am in awe of you, man!

Peace & love & grovey times down on the farm...
I'm not worthy,

20th October 2001, 18:26
Originally posted by cbman
My wife said she wouldn't be suprised if I was taking Pure Caffiene Suppositories to make it seem like I wasn't so dependant on it... LOL

See, this would be the perfect solution -- except for the stickin' it up your butt part. :eek:


20th October 2001, 18:39
I am ashamed to admit that the last two concerts I went to were:

Barry Manilow
Rick Springfield

Yes that was recently (withing the last couple of years). Somewhat different than the concerts of my youth. I am a headbanger by nature:)

No, I haven't turned gay...................

I got married!!!

20th October 2001, 19:25
in 97 Metallica came to town for there load tour. that was actually the last time i listened to them though, got tired of there music. the good thing though was at the concert they only played like two songs from there "load" CD, the rest was the good ol' stuff. and bein 18 at the time, my friends and i which i went with about 20-25 people, we all bought binoculars that were hollowed out inside. we filled them with whiskey and we went on our merry way. Ofcourse we all looked a little strange only being 3 rows on the floor from the stage with binoculars! hehe. oh well they did put on a great show though I must admit.

Some bands I've wanted to see but haven't are the Beastie Boys, NIN, David Bowie, and The Cure, what else.. Judas Priest.. Jane's Addiction.. hmm.. I'm sure the list is massive. I've wanted to see "Live" too, although everyone around me tries to drill the fact in my head that they suck... hehe..

haha I've just remembered, i saw WAYNE NEWTON in concert before the lipsync twins. lol. don't ask.. ;)

20th October 2001, 20:20
Damn....gots a bunch of concert goers here. Makes me feel inadequate....but, I've always been one to jump on the bandwagon :D, so might as well post my little list:

Stuck Mojo (4-6 times...don't remember)
Jaye' Swift & Company
George Clinton
Cypress Hill
Fat Boy Slim
No Doubt
Mighty Mighty Bostones (2)
Cowboy Mouth
Lords of Acid
ICP (3)
They Might Be Giants

Well, some some of these were in the same night.....but I posted intro bands to make the list longer :)

The only concert I must go to before I die is Tori Amos....yes....yes I must see her live.....


20th October 2001, 20:34
I'm also one of those lucky enough to have actually been at Max Yazgers farm in the summer of 1969.

I guess not many here can remember much from the Woodstock days. Not to mention being born yet...LOL

Here's to us Old farts Dr Mordrid :cool: :cool: :cool:

And I remember the days when it only cost $5.50 - 7.50 to see a good concert.


20th October 2001, 21:04
How about James Taylor with Marvin Hamlish :eek:

20th October 2001, 21:14
Thanks for the reminder spooge. I did see TMBG. Great show.

20th October 2001, 22:18
Originally posted by Dr Mordrid

I'm also one of those lucky enough to have actually been at Max Yazgers farm in the summer of 1969.

Geeze Dr Mordrid, not you too....

Every time my wife wants to get one up on me, she reminds me that she saw Jimi in concert! :D

It works too, dangit. ;)

20th October 2001, 23:27
Ahhhh, so all of us are music lovers, how nice. We must talk more about this stuff...

Apart from the metal scene, which I love, my music tastes are very expanded, they go from brutal death/grindcore metal to jazz, drum n´bass and all that stuff... I also saw live (not metal):

The Pixies
Killing Joke
The Cult

...and probably a few more.

21st October 2001, 01:06
Gee... I feel kinda Left Out.. the only band I have seen live was Sharon, Lois, and Braham...


Dr Mordrid
21st October 2001, 02:13

Ask the wife if she got in on the skinny dips at the cow pond....

Might have run into her there :D :D

Dr. Mordrid

21st October 2001, 10:12
I havent ever gone to a concert.....after hearing excerpts on the news and on MTV and the like, I prefer the studio tracks as opposed to the live stuff.......

plus the cost of a ticket to have ringing ears for days just dont make it enticing enough to go =P

21st October 2001, 11:13
earplugs man....can't live without 'em. I find that I hear better with them at the concert....they significantly cut out the higher frequencies, which are what bother me the most.


21st October 2001, 19:10
SOMEONE take me to go see Radiohead Pleaseeeeeee pleaseee please please please!!!!!!!!!!! hehe :) :) :) :)

21st October 2001, 21:17
I'd love to take you to go see Radiohead.. lemme know when they are in Dallas or Austin and give me your flight # and I'll pick you up ;)

Haven't been to too many concerts meself.. love em though

I've seen:
AC/DC (awesome live band)
and Some funky punk band I can't remember the name of..

If you don't count rock, I've been to see Kieth Jarrett (solo piano improvisation)
and several Classical things :)

21st October 2001, 21:40
hahaha I ain't Debbie!!! hehehe :) :) :)